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Animal Aid
Information about animals, and how you can help them. Here you can find information that can you help with your homework, fun stuff to watch, downloads, cartoons, recipes, shopping tips and more.
animal aid
Animal Testing with Professor Vitzerdooble
Cartoon and info about animal testing
ASPCA Animaland
Cartoon animations, games to play, animal info, and more.
BBC Science and Nature
Facts and news about the planet we live in including wild animals and human evolution, geared towards older children.
Captain Planet Foundation
Support hands-on environmental projects for youth in grades K-12. Through ongoing education, they believe that children can play a vital role in preserving our precious natural resources for future generations.
Earth 911 Kids
Environmental games, conservation songs, environmental test and educational resources for kids.
Earth Science Enterprise
Information on how NASA studies all facets of the Earth such as natural hazards, air, land, and water. The “Did You Know?” section provides a new factoid every time you refresh the web page. Play the Kids Only Games with puzzles and trivia questions to test your knowledge.
EEK Environmental Education for Kids
EEK! Environmental Education for Kids, an interactive online magazine.
Environment Agency
Play some fun environmental games, watch and interact with the animations, view the facts and find out more, download screensavers and learn about the environment.
Energy Quest Room
Information about what runs our everyday appliances. Features a timeline of historical energy events as well as descriptions of famous scientists' lives. Research all.phpects of energy in the "Energy Library" and don't forget to have fun with the "Puzzle and Games" section.
energy quest
EPA Environmental Kids Club
US Environmental Protection Agency's site for kids. Lots of fun and interesting things to read and do to learn about the environment.
The site consists of quizzes, games, art gallery, and useful information for those interested in protecting the environment.
Food - A Fact of Life
Website with a module for primary school children learning about where their food comes from and how it is farmed, with interactive activities and recipes.
Kidlink: Global Networking
Empowers kids and youth age 15 and younger to build global networks. This amazing site has brought together 110,000 kids from around the world to discuss problems affecting their countries and to work together to solve them. In many different languages.
Kids For A Clean Environment (FACE)
Started in 1989 by nine-year old Melissa Poe. Since then, it has grown to include 300,000 individual members from fifteen countries. Find information on joining or creating a local Kids F.A.C.E. chapter.
NIEHS Kids' Pages
Informational and educational resource for all ages about environmental health, including astma, allergies and pandemic flu.
ONR Science and Technology
Features facts and information about the ocean. Find fascinating photos of deep sea wildlife, plus images of the vessels used to get there.
Rainforest Action Network
Provides resources to young people looking to protect the world's rainforests. Features fact sheets, questions and answers, plus real stories of kids who are working to save the rainforest.
Ranger Rick's Kids Zone
Ranger Rick wants you to learn about animals, the habitats they live in, and why you should protect both. Find online environment tours, outdoor game ideas, and animal jokes
Recycle City
Learn about recycling. Find out where all the garbage goes and how recycling saves money.
Information on climate change and other environmental subjects, learn, play, discover and join in. Also some information in Welsh.
School Food Trust - Snack Dash game
Speeding away as you collect healthy eating points and avoid the bad guys. You also need to do push ups to keep up energy levels.
Vegetarian Society
Pages, information, advice and special features for young people and adults who work with them.
Information about animals such as elephants and dolphins, habitats such as rainforests and oceans, games and lots more.
(The) Year of Food and Farming
A website about where your food comes from, see 'Fun stuff' games.
Young People's Trust for the Environment
The Young People's Trust for the Environment is a charity which aims to encourage young people's understanding of the environment and the need for sustainability. They have fact sheets written specially for young people,
Young Transnet
Tools for online surveys and school travel plans.
Youth Information
Youth Information is the National Youth Agency's online information toolkit for young people and all those working with them.

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