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The Portfolio Diet

‘Portfolio diets’ were conceived as a means to reduce the risk of heart disease and improve general health. The basis of a portfolio diet is to eat a range of health-giving foods while avoiding foods known to increase risk of heart disease and other illness, such as those containing animal fats. The portfolio diet is based largely, or exclusively, on plant-based foods which have been proven to enhance health and longevity.

Several trials at the University of Toronto have shown that by eating several of these health-promoting foods in a ‘portfolio’, the benefits are combined. Lowering of bad cholesterol, for instance, is comparable to the conventional use of statin drugs, without the harmful side effects. The trials typically involved consumption of:

• Almonds
• Soya protein
• Foods high in viscous fibre (such as oats) and plant sterols
• Avoidance of saturated fats

Further health benefits would undoubtedly accrue if the portfolio were to include, for instance, more fresh fruit, vegetables and wholefoods such as pulses, nuts, seeds and grains.

In many respects, the results are similar to the proven benefits of a ‘Mediterranean diet’. The Mediterranean diet is also based on plant foods, in particular fresh fruit, vegetables and wholefoods. The diet is low in saturated fat and includes unsaturated fats as found in olive oil, seeds and nuts.

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Research papers on portfolio diets

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