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Why Don't You Come to Open Meetings of the Food Standards Agency’s Board? - 05/12/2008
The next Meeting is in London on Wednesday Afternoon, 10th December 2008
1. Have you attended an Open Meeting of the Food Standards Agency? You can participate by attendance in person as a member of an audience or as a participant in a “live” telephone listen-in service, which is completely free to access from a UK landline. There are other options, which can be discussed with the FSA by phoning 0800 073 0228. The proceedings will be presented on a webcast, which offers the querulous a chance to assess the scenario and opportunities. VEGA will be there and we need support, even by a declaration of your interest and presence.

2. Registrants and participants have nothing to pay and can enjoy a cup of FSA tea. Come to the meeting even if your only purpose is to demand provision in the Agency’s catering for unexceptionable “milk” to impress the Board with the needs of dairy-frees, meat-frees, and cruelty-frees.

3. The meeting will end at about 17.00. There are some pleasant places in the vicinity to meet, eat and drink; please come along and introduce yourself.

4. The next Open Meeting is in the FSA’S HQ, Aviation House, 125 Kingsway, London WC2B 6NH (almost opposite to the Kingsway Entrance to Holborn Underground Station. It will start at 13.00 on Wednesday 13th December.

5. The agenda will include discussion on the following items:

Scores on the Doors – This an FSA scheme for accessible displays of inspector’s results on standards (mainly of hygiene) at eateries of all sorts. It has elicited some vigorous debate and surprising revelations. We look forward to the scores on the FSA’s own canteen in Aviation House.

BSE Testing (Surveillance) - The aftermaths of BSE linger and rankle in the UK and other countries in the EU

6. Questions and discussion involving the audience over the final half-hour can cover the full range of the FSA’s interests.  

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