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It's World Food Day 2008 on Thursday - 14/10/2008
What a lot we owe to our Beans
As harvests come in bedraggled in northern Europe and fuel bills soar to prevent rotting and harm that are already consternating farmers planning and sowing for the harvests of 2009, governments have to assess the costs of fuel, water, flooding, drought, and climate change – or just the unpredictable weather – among the challenges of distribution, utilization, and another bout of the Green Revolution and the possible corollaries in “Acts of God” and consequent strife associated with political and agronomic revolution. The true costs of cheap food have never been evaluated so much as now. Food standards must comprehend safety and security.

After many years and many World Food Days, Europe is beginning to appreciate and act on the shibboleths of post-WW2 years and especially the essentials of Salutary Food from Salubrious Farming, in which the perverted industrialization of the £2 oven-ready broiler flouts these principles in the world of increasing populations of animals, human and non-human, betraying the husbandry that should be Growing Feed, not Feed. Now official pronouncements call for reduced consumption of meat and dairy without, however, much sign of demonstration in the retailers’ food halls, and eating and drinking places. Now, when our Food Standards Agency could be vaunting research into developments that flickered into matters of farming, food, health and the land but were extinguished by the intensification and desecration in the corruption by falsely High Standards of Living spoiling the Quality of Life, it has to spend much of its effort wallowing in the dire workings, killings, culling (and sheer waste), and disease that are continuing aftermaths and threats of corrupt food production. Now official advice is to Eat Less Meat and Dairy and to warn even of rationing.

Over the years Britain’s reformers have anticipated such clamor and called for issues of postage stamps to mark the day’s significance in harvest festivals and in the common interests of observers of practices such as Ramadhan, Rosh Hashanah, and fish-on-Fridays. Now we have included in our Portfolio of Eating Plans a practicable day’s menu for such observances, accompanied by nutrient and profiling data in true Food Standards Agency style, surpassing information given for recipes in popular cookery books.

On the assumption that Britain’s human population would adopt our World Food Day menu or simple variants, say, one day each week, we could rate a success in the exercise of individual self-discipline releasing at least one 100 million livestock each year from the slaughter (and culling) – and massacre might be a better word – and unrelenting violations of the government’s Farm Animal Welfare Council’s code of Five Freedoms. How better to give effect to animal welfarists foxed and badgered with shame.

Better is a dinner of herbs where love is, than a stalled ox and hatred therewith runs a farming proverb. It is rendered in a New World translation less eloquently and with a difference in punctuation that might be remarked by some teachers, but still with an uncompromising message for Jews, Christians, and Muslims, as well as for other religious and irreligious people with scruples. Or, in a recent biblical version: Better is a dish of vegetables where there is love that manger-fed bull and hatred along with it. One way or another, organic, non-GM, or ecotarian, it’s the prudent course to follow. Go for it!  

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