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Letter to The Grocer - 01/07/2008
Comment on Paul McCartney's call for meat-free Mondays
Cutting down on meat and milk has been little-disputed advice in the last few years and has stimulated redoubled campaigning to give effect in the markets for goods rated meat-free, dairy-free, and cruelty-free, which combine interests in tackling obesity, waste, and environmental harm. We have anticipated by several years Macca’s call for meat-free Mondays (The Grocer, 21 June, pages 3 and 5) and we have been pursuing initiatives to foster greater enterprise and innovative in the appropriate markets. We as a registered research trust, offer advice to manufacturers, farmers, retailers, and consumers, as well as corporate purchasers trying to meet demands for apt developments in choices and alternatives. We are occupied at present in a petition to the Food Standards Agency to take a lead in individual demonstrations of the initiatives by members of its Board, practised when and how they choose, and by corporate responsibilities in the provisions the FSA supplies in its staff canteens and at events where they entertain staff and contractors and members of the public. The present Minister of State for Agriculture, Hilary Benn, sets a good example, being a vegetarian. The RSPCA’s catering at its last 2 AGMs and annual conferences has been meat-, dairy-, and cruelty-free.

Among the ploys we are pursuing with the FSA is a Portfolio of apt recipes and eating plans, assessed with nutritional information and profiling fit for purpose in either hemisphere and latitude and for consumers with the wish to implement the promise in thrifty choices and exercise of self-discipline in the context of growing food, not feed. Cheap food policies are revealed as shams and the quality of life will have to be abetted by fiscal charges.  

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