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Consulation on BSE Regulations - 27/06/2008
VEGA comments on a Defra consultaion on the proposed Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathies Regulations 2008
Below is VEGA's response to the Defra consultation on the proposed Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathies Regulations 2008.

1. We agree with the proposed amendments, provided the public good is relentlessly championed over any relaxation of the controls and costs incurred by an industry guilty of substantial harm caused to the national economy and wellbeing.
2. The industry must therefore be required any levies to ensure that it is indemnified against all extra charges and claims for damages and injury incurred in maintenance of good hygiene and care of livestock (as compared with the running of, say, the bakery and fruit and vegetable sectors). If insurance assessors are not willing to accept such responsibilities and policing, the failing enterprises and their premises must be shut down, even if the bill is not primarily intended for human consumption. These stipulations may entail due diligence on conditions of slaughter for imported meat and other products derived from animals, as well as for hunted and farmed wildlife.

3. These conditions would emphasize to the public the true cost of cheap food policies and support the unequivocal recommendations- from DEFRA Ministers and other experts- cut down consumption of alternatives less tainted. The ills of intensification, factory-style productions, and killing (and fast-running slaughter-lines and hurried inspection) would thus be reduced.

4. In surveillance of activities in premises in which animals are kept, handled, or killed local lay authorities must be allowed independent entry for either their or deputed ,ay or professional assessors to investigate complaints from the public as cruelty, nuisance or spread disease in the relevant environs.  

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