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Environmental; Engagement; Control of the Green Agenda - 29/04/2008
The Editor of the Meat Trades Journal Sounds Warnings
Environment and meat consumption - 2 subjects intertwined

The Editor of the Meat Trades Journal Sounds Warnings

Environment and meat consumption - 2 subjects intertwined

“The environment and meat consumption are 2 subjects rapidly becoming intertwined in people’s minds”, the editor states (MIJ 15 February 2008). “In the past few weeks I’ve lost count of the number of conversations I’ve had on the topic – not to mention the number of press releases and events dedicated to these issues, which are growing all the time” he adds.

He complained: “In one day alone I went from the Meat and Livestock Outlook conference, in which the meat industry was told the developed world need to reduce its consumption or risk environmental catastrophe, to the City Food Lecture, in which Lord Haskins highlighted meat consumption as a problem and urged everyone to eat less”.

The allegations against the meat industry and “more obviously polluting industries – the automotive sector or air travel, for example – are not going to go away. You can be certain our non-meat eating friends will be unlikely to let the issue drop”, the editor warns. The world is changing and the environment is something we cannot ignore: he cites the need for addressing issues in a constructive way, rather than being caught behind and “forced to comply with stringent conditions that could ultimately damage our industry”. And the cruelty, waste, and devastation that its continuation implies, we say, nodding strongly in the direction of purported animal welfarists such as the RSPCA facing the promise offered in cruelty-free foods in a disappointingly hesitant way.

The editor concludes more urgently: “The meat sector needs to start thinking seriously about how it is going to face up to the challenges in the years ahead, rather than sitting back and letting the vegetarian lobby take control of the green agenda and run roughshod over our sector”. We say that it takes more than words and piety in the skiety to drive our cause for meat- and dairy-free; animal welfarists must engage in research and development in the market and enterprise for cruelty-frees. Which is just what the non-meat eating “friends” with their Portfolio of eating plans, information, education, and example will continue purposefully to do.  


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