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Kill it, Eat it, Cook it - UK TV programme tonight - 06/03/2007
Tonight is the 2nd programme in the series Kill it, Eat it, Cook it.
Tonight is the 2nd programme in the series Kill it, Eat it, Cook it.

Tonight's Kill It, Cook It, Eat It (BBC3), 22.30pm-23.15, will feature the slaughter of a flock of lambs, tomorrow it will be pigs. The premise of the series is to show viewers how the meat is raised, slaughtered and butchered.

Last night's programme showed the killing of 3 cattle, locally farmed sucklers had their calves with them for 6 months and after another year the calves were "ready" for slaughter, and taken a short distance to a small local abattoir, and slaughtered by skilled slaughtermen. The viewers/participants on the show saw the killings and were afterwards asked for their opinions on slaughter. Not surprisingly, the meat eaters still thought it was fine to eat meat as "the animals were not stressed, the slaughtermen were skilled and the kills happened quickly".

When the presenter of the programme asked the vet who attended what the difference was between this small abattoir (very clean for the cameras) and larger ones, the vet answered that the only difference was the number of animals being slaughtered. Nothing was said about unskilled workers doing the killings, animals being rushed and kicked to go through the 'process' quicker, cattle not always being stunned properly and therefore still being conscious while having their throat cut open, not to mention the difference in farming; calves being taken away from their mothers after 1-2 days etc etc.

The programme still gives people an insight in the actual cutting up of an animal (for those of you who want to see this), but for showing real slaughter - no not really.

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