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Advice on School Meals - 24/04/2014
Preparations for Five to Eight Year Olds: Hurrying Things up for Satisfactory Advice
We have been urged to use innovations by David Cameron, and the Department of Health has been given the task of putting recent advances in this essential resource, innovation, research and plain good sense to the matter. We have been researching long-term reforms that are overdue for consideration. Let us seize the opportunities that offer us long-term expression in diets and nutrition!!!
We have been suggesting various pieces of advice in readiness for the challenges of the form in which it will be given and we are working very hard to this end. As a preliminary, we want to clear possibilities for veggies, animal welfarists and many others to give advice and guidance on the vegetarian diet for young people. We have a qualified nutritionist, paid by us, working on this.
The food industry shows little grasp of the challenges. This blinkered view lacks any appreciation of wholesomeness and the research and innovation that is now required. Research and innovation must offer alternatives to orthodox ideas. In contrast, it needs inspiration from nutritionists and scientists and connections with bolder evidence cannot be left to economists and the present orthodoxy in food and dietary matters.
To our surprise, the food trade journal has got in with the confectionery offering, obviously aimed at children, which runs counter to our recommendations, as a waste of money and does nutritional harm. We have good reason not to raise confidence in this. The guide to this put out by the industry is to ‘put up your profit’ in a range of dubious products, leading to obesity and other diseases, whereas we have interesting food, such as fruit, nuts and pulses, emphasising commodities that will meet many dietary concerns for young children and their parents and guardians eating communally.
We are drawing examples and recipes from various cuisines, but essentially Mediterranean style, and meals which should appeal to people in all sorts of food reform, without segregation of children. They would also encourage raw food, which would be convenient and healthy and appropriate in this summery weather. They would also appeal to all sorts of food reformers, vegetarians, vegans, Jews, Muslims, people with allergies, such as coeliacs and those interested in obesity and poor diets, choosing to enjoy the increasing selection in communal catering.
They would exploit the resources of food eaten communally, and developing children at an early age to appreciate taste and discrimination in choice. They would appeal to all people, in particular children developing tastes, value and discrimination in foods.
We hope that good topics that some local authorities are seizing in education and debate and good and tasty food, such as ‘Criteria for Validation and Selection of Cognitive Tests for Investigating the Effects and Nutrients’, including micronutrients such as iodine in the development of the brain in people of all ages. Further interest would attract attention to the ability of all children and adults to afford well-recommended foods, and the importance of vouchers and subsidising adequate diets for poor people, as well as rich consumers. Raw foods should be encouraged, for saving of fuel, if nothing else.
We hope that many good topics will come from this research and particularly accessibility of home-grown and readily available foods if necessary, especially for poor people. Grants, vouchers and subventions must urgently be considered, food and milk must be reduced and farmers must be encouraged to grow home-grown cereals and tree crops and marine crops, which should be considered in the Green Revolution for Food.

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