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School Meal Plans - 17/12/2013
A Diet for the Future
In preparing dietary plans for 5-6 year old children, the Department for Health is starting to enter into a broader aspect of dietary change and reform in the UK. This is concentrated on the young first of all and would be interpreted in terms of trends that are welcome and innovative. They are also introducing exotic foods that are becoming less strange and more available such as fruits and vegetables, giving more colour to the British diet than boring old soup and browns.
Therefore we can expect that the plan will please many people who are not vegetarian or vegan but have leanings that way, for the environment, lack of wastage or religion. These can all be accommodated in diets that eliminate many of the unsavoury aspects of the normal diet. They also derive from new cultures with the change in population that has also to be accommodated. We contend that our Green Plan menus which are totally vegan will suit and benefit a range of unorthodox foods. They will include Jews and Muslims, dietary health enthusiasts and people eager for reform in the treatment of animals, wild and reared and the objectionable violence associated therewith.
They are also of help for people with allergies of one sort or another and those who express distaste for the cooking smells associated with the slaughter industry; there is a change now towards plant foods and the Vegetarian Society is proud to present some of the alternatives now available. We present a list of menus that include food and drink that will at least not offend these varied groups of consumers and which are now interpreted in a form suitable for 5-6 year olds, eating privately or in school and other such institutions. They accomplish foods prepared in large quantity and individually. We offer nutritional information with each menu.
It is a progressive action including change and the treatment of food as an interesting subject with fun and amusement for various tastes and delights. Furthermore they will utilise simple cooking equipment such as cookers, blenders, microwaves but they will not hesitate from preparing salads and vegetables in the raw state, needing no equipment for warming up. They will also introduce new forms of adjustments such as smoothies, which combine vegetarian foods like fruit in a suitable form that doesn’t entail much wastage.
Our menus will give a glimpse of the world food problems and the value of coloured simple vegetables which are appealing in colour as well as taste. They also combine with healthy living styles, for example, exercise, non-smoking and no overuse of salt and preservatives.
We present a foretaste of our menus and suggestions to suit young children and preparations for older people to take notice of, although the portions may be considerably increased as the body size increases. As for nutritional value, the foods will have more calories from proteins than are in carbohydrates, with the saving of the animal components for plant foods that are essential for vitamins. If necessary, there may be recourse to supplements for certain people in temporary shortage of valuable foodstuffs.

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