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Now’s the Time for Reaction by the Government - 04/02/2014
The blasphemy that is Christmas has been expressed in a horrendous disregard to our environment and our kindliness to it, and animal welfare as well as human welfare has been neglected
Few kindly gestures may have been submerged in the gluttony and lack of self-control that our environment and lifestyles need.
However, we have described the celebration during Lent of an appropriate penance that should be soundly expressed in objections to pain and suffering and misery that most animals suffer. The pall of reverence and respect in the new rituals must be cleansed from such awful rapine.
Therefore we urge redoubling our efforts to practise Lent in the way that we would recommend and promotion of various aspects of lifestyle and action. VEGA continues to broaden the scope of food wastage and farming that is so obviously missing, from spoilage of farm and field to wrongdoing in agriculture.
But our efforts during the year to encourage care in our food have achieved some attention and we thank supporters for their words and efforts to those ends. We continue vigorously our work on changes in diet and practice that are practicable right now. So our interest in reform of the food industry is one of the acts on trial and that implies putting interests into official advice on matters of food and nutrition which are promised by the government early this year.
We still await replies from the Japanese and Chinese embassies but have had some response from the government and urging to work on our observance of a plan on diet and lifestyle for certain age groups, starting with 5-8 year-olds and with suggestions of diets for these plans. The only suggestion the government can come up with is to advise us to wait for indeterminate action and reference to government committees slowly moving into action. They follow up with suggestions that individual members apply to their MPs so we recommend all readers to do this right away and support our efforts to get incontrovertible actions as promised before the summer sets in.
In contrast, the Norwegian army is proposing an absence of meat that emphasises the very self-discipline that we urge in growing food, not feed. So please write to your MP to support us in the proposals that we will be putting forward, which will have something for everyone, including vegetarians, vegans, Jews, Muslims, as well as members suffering from allergies. We are aiming at accommodating everybody in kinder ways of food production and consumption and relief for farm animals so cruelly providing food for our awful, misjudged food and the measures of trade with our valuable resources.
Let us advise ourselves yet again of the parable in smoking behaviour. A generation ago only a few particular women reacted to the evil of smoking, which had been a relic of the world wars, when government actually gave out free supplies of Woodbines to the poor devils fighting for good reforms. The evil has continued and the cigarette industry reacted furiously; likewise the brewing industry, but the tiny minority movement has reached a much larger scale in this generation.
This generation should also see a similar diminution of the monstrous evils of the meat and dairy industries. We must take vigorous action to establish that this awful sacrifice of animals and the environment is resisted with the exact disgust of these practices and lifestyles. It can be done and it is happening. Therefore we do urge you yet again to ask your MP to act and reform their own lives, and to give good leadership. The campaigns to remove smoking and meat and dairy consumption must still be given muscle by pressure from the consumer on the reluctant trade to raise their standards in production.

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