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Volunteers Wanted - 28/10/2013
VEGA calls for volunteers
VEGA’s volume of work is being limited by the lack of typists, wordprocessors and leaflet design and distribution, as well as in subjects that we are researching or would like to research, such as:
School meals: suggestions for school meals for 5-8 year olds are being considered by government and local authorities and will be complete we think in early spring. VEGA has plenty of advice on dietary matters and catering for children whose very livelihood is dominated by a respect for animals. They will want consideration for diets available for such children and others (parents and other carers) who would like to involve themselves in the vegetarian lifestyle.
These efforts will be for purely vegetarian meals which exclude flesh, fish and fowl, and dairy produce, and are completely assessed for nutritional value. They should not preclude vegan children from partaking of communal meals or anything of that sort.
Research projects we are engaging in are essentially to find plant foods combining old and new efforts to find plants of nutritional value, for example, to replace cod liver oil.
We also need people to prepare and distribute leaflets in the London area.
We emphasise that vegan meals would satisfy all dietary preferences, including religious diets.
Anyone wishing to apply for these involvements in the vegetarian cause, please get in touch. If you live in North London, possibly the Northwest sector, we would be glad to discuss the future with you. We are accessible by bus H17 or train to Sudbury Town (Piccadilly line); or you might have your own can and be able to drive – we are near Whitton Avenue East (A4090, turn off signposted to Sudbury golf course).

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