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Working on School Meals - 04/10/2013
Free School Meals Due to be Introduced for 5 to 8 Year Olds
Preparations for the population of schoolchildren from 5 to 8 years old are exercising many people’s minds at the moment – or it should do. VEGA is among those who intend to spring a few surprises, illustrating how good food can be colourful, tasty and come-back-for-more-able. The choices will be significantly tight at first. They will include raw vegetables and fruit, which can be eaten without use of cooking equipment. Potatoes, which will be used sparingly, can be eaten hot or cold.
We are encouraged to see that the range includes many strange but interesting foods and it allows a choice of new additions from modern farming and food production. We are pleased to find that two of the choices included are vegan dishes and we hope many more will come forth in future. Vegan rather than vegetarian because the old-fashioned definition of vegetarian included very much dairy and that will not be in the vegan choices, which will establish the merit of dairy-free cooking.
So we come to choices of dairy-free subjects and this will allow plenty of scope for ingenuity in the innovations. There will be few dishes that suit the ritual trade, we imagine, and that will be easy to accommodate because the dishes are devised for fitting use by Muslims and Jews. If they don’t want to include themselves in the main conditions, they can opt out and do their own sandwiches. But we hope we can create recipes that appeal to all tastes and faiths, and appeal to the parents anxious to see their little darlings happy. Cows’ milk will not be in the chosen recipes but they will be tasty and they will lure many Jews and Muslims to join the vegetarians and others.
The non-vegetarians can follow their own practices but will have to do what vegetarians have had to do in the past. But we hope the vegetarian options will be acceptable to all.
So all non-conformists can choose from a vast range of tastes and be well-satisfied with the range of flavours and tastes. so we will look forward to many choices that will satisfy animal welfarist and stimulate children to ask questions and choose their foods wisely and with compassion and without exposing the cow to undue stress.

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