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Teaching Good Living and Enjoyment with Food - 01/10/2013
Plans to teach good eating and choice of food are long overdue but have been ignored
However, there have been moves for radical change in food and these should be incorporated in all programs for food and choice. Especially foods aimed at young children who are busy formulating a likes and dislikes and reasons for them. Most importantly, they are forming their respect for animals and they feel betrayed by their parents’ indifference and suppression of principles in satisfying their greed.
This dereliction of duty and open-mindedness is widespread but reforms are occurring rapidly in many English-speaking countries and others. An example is ex-President Clinton in the USA. Unfortunately adults have excused this betrayal for reasons unsatisfactory in a replete world, but they embody callousness and cruelty that we have tolerated while many people are short of nourishment; it could be avoided if we wasted less and didn’t misdirect food as well. 
So on these new factors, we have developed Green Plans to recognise these new promptings. They are now coming to fruition and are being worked up as innovations and inventions, as well as finding sources of information and experience; they have been described in various places, exciting the interest of food producers. The fiscal relief of subsidies is noted and influences major factors in marketing.
We have been developing new systems that will work to replace the old traditional foods and practices, including meat and milk. We need no longer tolerate the position of an agricultural economy dependent on slaughter, butchery, culling and cruelty; we can replace it with a Green Plan of wholesome nutrition based on plant-based discoveries. We will replace the old system based on poor study with systems not needing subsidies to produce good food based on the burgeoning ‘green’ characteristics. Intensification and domestication have added stresses on the livestock and the diseases that harm their welfare.
Out with the old and untrusted and in with the scientifically-based replacement to inappropriate brutalities, ill-equipped to deal with global food requirements. It would be based on economy, security and sustainability founded on science rather than religion or tradition. Therefore we have produced a range of eating plans which allow much choice among the plant world and are sustainable and thrifty with resources.
We have produced many recipes with this kind of thought behind them and offer them freely to the public and will continue to do so. But we can’t do it on a large scale and the hunger in the world continues under the present Agriculture Ministry.
So we invite much greater investment in this change in food supply and demand. They involve no meat products and no milk betraying the maternal instincts of the cow and other sentient suckling animals and the taking away of calves. So we can appropriate their milk supply with notorious deception of a ‘natural’ food taking much resource from the cow and her calf. We can thus replace the present dairy industry, which is wasteful and cruel, with a food already widely available as a replacement, giving new focus.
We therefore suggest urgently that children’s diets should be given this new view, at a stage when children are very sensitive to parental and other guidance in food and nutrition and all the other concerns such as environmental factors and choice and make decisions in good education and training. This could be much improved by reformed labelling and public advertisements with cogent examples, so that children will get an exceptional treasury of factual information and discrimination of what they would like and what would be valueless or excessive in today’s stretched resources, population increases and misunderstanding of natural resources.
They will learn that milk is for baby calves and not for them; they do not remain on the udder after they have been breast-fed. Above all, the Green Plan regards good labelling and consideration of the information on the labels so that cows can live like the Chillingham Herd and not like mothers to overgrown children.
The food industry would be able to accept new products from orchards and forests with participation and encouragement from the market place. A harmonious diet is founded on the fruits and other plant products made with less interference from cooking and environmental disturbance.
Alan Long
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