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Keep Your Eyes Open on New Laws - 08/05/2013

Various animal welfare problems are discussed almost in secret, maybe because the lay animal welfare organisations don’t get a look in as more organisations and meetings are run almost in secret

Hence we are alarmed that the welfare for dogs on farms and rearing in puppy farms, as well as in homes, private places and in the public eye will be decided by a group of authorities including the RSPCA but no one else. For this reason we alert people to have their say in these discussions; the RSPCA is allowed to have a say but the general public doesn’t get a look in.

That is why we emphasise once again the law amendments will have to be registered very soon. Another topic that is being argued out this year is the question of ritual slaughter. Disturbingly, results of experiments on animals are coming in and divisions between Jews and Muslims may be papered over, let alone the plight of the many animals in transit or special arrangements involving painful experiments on animals.

So in these matters a large element of (what might be called) ethical issues will be discussed and current issues will come to the fore in this country and far greater matters in connection with farming will be discussed in New Zealand and Australia with their large export trade.

Once again, the issue of ritual slaughter will come up in Britain as the future of UKIP becomes clearer. It is strange that the media are almost silent in these matters.

So please get your thoughts ready for the question of Jewish and Muslim slaughter to give overwhelming support on the animal’s side in future debate.


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