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A Walk in the Countryside - 05/05/2013

All is not bad in the countryside where many people and families will be enjoying beautiful weather we hope

We ask you to put a few thoughts over the welfare on farms and in the countryside of dogs and support the welfare authorities against government possibilities of diluting their effect. VEGA did tackle this subject a long time ago and put forward some efforts to give authorities like the RSPCA more rights of entry and to do this they suggested that as a last resort local authorities should give rights to unannounced visits to farms where animals, eg dogs are held or kept, with one person who wished to oversee the arrangements.

Such a person would have to prove bona fides and need not be a resident in the area concerned and have sundry other rights so that would give the animal welfare societies access without local authorities having good reason to refuse them access to the property to allow bona fide relief of animals – not only dogs but other animals as well. Many people will be out walking in the country in this beautiful weather and we suggest they use their senses not just as townies observing horrible things but taking action if they see or hear any disturbing noises – action they can take quite readily to take some strain off unfortunate charities who shoulder most of this treatment if we’re lucky.

The then government would not accept this right for the one and restrictions were retained so one could easily rescue the idea now and keep it in the public eye.

So here’s a test, ten relevant words we would ask visitors to the countryside and ramblers and so on to set themselves the knowledge and answer the following questions. What do the following words signify? What are these words connected with or involved with?

  • Texel
  • Charolais
  • Gristle
  • Silverside
  • Wether
  • Poultry shed containing more than 100 broilers
  • Hatchery and cage for birds for shooting
  • Intensive piggery
  • ‘Keep out’ notices on private ways
  • Barbed wire fences
  • Charollais

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