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Every Little Helps - 11/02/2013

The Green Campaign can receive support from all customers for food and commodities in general

The omission of farm animals from plans for animal production of food is a serious complaint to make against the veterinary profession and the so-called animal welfare organisations.

The veterinary organisations and the RSPCA should know the efforts of the other animal welfare organisations to find and practice humane methods which are embodied in our Green Plan (1976) and are now prospering with some success. They have been presented at various conferences, debates and lectures in production methods and representatives of the Green Plan have been present at many conferences. They are now rewarded with influence in the production of meat and milk and are not to be ignored; and they represent the best means of steady production of these foods.

The growth in sales of ‘dairy products’ such as Alpro milks is impressive and hiding it from the customer is wicked. He or she should be advised that means for individual and corporate action exist and remedies should be made urgently to repair this harm. However we do not wish to do more than complain about this omission without offering solutions.

So we invite the general public, which includes confirmed vegans to ‘cowboys’, to join us in a show of repentance for Christmas excesses by Lenten observances. We provide recipe hints and plenty of advice to people wishing to change farm animal welfare this way. They will find advice and guidance on our website and many outlets of food products. In this way they will give some merit to the Green Plan slogan ‘grow food not feed’ and join in a human campaign for kinder treatment of animals, wild and domesticated, and the environment.



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