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The Milk of Human Kindness - 03/07/2012

The Grocer Magazine has chosen Alpro as a pioneer of plant power
in a ‘History of Brands’ (30 June 2012):

“Alpro leads the field in plant-based eating and has done so for more than 30 years; ever since Phillipe Vandemoortele first shared his soya milk vision with the world in 1980. This year, the market has embarked on a new chapter in history – one set to cement its future role at the head of the plant-based category.

“The plant-based eating category is changing - and brand leader Alpro is spearheading that change. Consumers are increasingly keen to cut down on meat and dairy foods and make healthier, plant-based choices. According to recent research conducted by Alpro, four out of 10 consumers are eating more vegetables, fruits and plant-based foods than they were a year ago.”

Moreover, the company is resorting to use of European crops like hazelnuts and almonds as sources of milks. We shall hope that one day those crops will be home-grown from British trees.

“In 2011, Alpro became the first European food company to join the WWF Climate Savers programme, with a commitment to reduce its plants' CO2 emissions by 20l3 to below 2008 levels – despite an expected one-third growth in volume.”

With these words, Alpro certainly justifies its position as the leader in putting animal welfarist desires into practice.

We also note the introduction of medicaments formulated without the use of particular objectionable compounds. Further, the recent development of Kosher and Halal products will increasing enormously the scrutiny of proteinaceous products such as gelatine. It will also emphasise the labelling of such products and increase the influence of these communities in getting rid of an unnecessary use of this undesirable component.

“Alpro products are produced in four European countries – Belgium, the Netherlands, the UK and France.”

“In addition Alpro is also enjoying significant growth in the out-of-home market, with more than 25 million coffees made using Alpro each year. The brand’s recent reception at the London Coffee Festival, where 1,900 Alproccino and Alprolatte samples were enjoyed by visitors highlights the growing opportunity for coffee shop operators to offer their consumers a healthier option that is more environmentally friendly and offers a positive taste choice”.

But most importantly, Alpro replaces effectively some of the cruellest ill-treatment of animals, particularly cows and their calves.


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