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Bill Clinton Goes Vegan(ish) - 06/01/2011

Bill Clinton is Named the Animal World’s New Best Friend

1.  “Bill Clinton is named the animal world’s new best friend” and “The former president has become vegan (There’s just the small matter of the fish),” run the headlines of the Independent on Sunday (02/01/11).  The report explains that “he was the president who famously couldn’t jog past McDonald’s without grabbing a snack, which makes Bill Clinton a most unlikely candidate for a vegan hero.  But that is what swapping burgers for beans has done for the former fast-food fanatic, according to a leading animal rights campaign group….. Mr Clinton opted for the ultimate in new year cleanses – a largely vegan diet – to purge his body after it had taken one burger battering too many.  This is, after all a man who ordered a double hamburger (and fries) to fuel up for an anti-obesity speech.”  It is well known that Bill Clinton has had voracious appetites in one way or other.  Apparently he hasn’t resorted to what is a popular and highly effective (in the short term at least) procedure in North America, stapling in the gut (or bariatric surgery.)

2.  The organisation hailing Mr Clinton’s dietary change is PETA (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals.)  Mr Clinton has recently revealed that he now lived on “beans, legumes, vegetables, fruit, “but absolutely no dairy.”  He was scared into making the switch after doctors followed up quadruple-by-pass surgery by inserting 2 stents – tubes that keep the coronary arteries open – in his heart last February.  “The prospect of waddling his vegan daugher, Chelsea, down the aisle last summer only hardened his resolve,” states the IoS.

3.  “The upshot of his new vegan(ish) lifestyle has resulted in Mr Clinton losing 11 kilos (24lb), returning him to his high-school weight,” says Mr Clinton, who added that he had researched the past 25 years of medical evidence about the benefits of turning vegan and found that 82% of those who switched to a plant-based diet had unclogged their arteries naturally.

4.  We add that he is following the advice we have been offering with leaflets offering practical advice over the last 4 or 5 years for implementation of the Stern Messages urging reduction of consumption of meat and dairy in a Portfolio of Eating Plans offered free to the public on our website.  We have distributed thousands of these for display in waiting rooms in doctors’ (and vet’s) premises and in hospitals and PCTs and libraries, as well as at farmers’ supermarkets and restaurants and at premises where meetings of the Food Standards Agency (FSA) and DEFRA are being held (one of these is directly opposite the gates of 10 Downing Street).  We seize opportunities at Harvest Festivals and offices and meetings of the RSPCA, Soil Association, GWF, and universities with appropriate departments.

5.  We are seeking volunteers to augment this campaigning in more sites, e.g. appropriate railway stations and in towns and cities such as Bristol, Brighton, Manchester, Chichester, Guildford and Totnes. Please tell us if you could spare the occasional hour or two to join the picket lines and distributions of leaflets.  Contact us through the means described at the top of this page.                 



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