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Unilever Claims Progress Towards 100% Sustainable Palm Oil Sources - 05/10/2010

Unilever Claims that it is ahead of Schedule on its Pledge to Source all Palm Oil from “Certified Sustainable Sources” by 2015

1.  Unilever claims that it is ahead of schedule on its pledge to source all palm oil from “certified sustainable sources” by 2015. The company used more than 35% of palm oil this year from plantations certified by the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) this year. A week or 2 ago Unilever announced a longterm agreement with the European supplier to help it achieve its 100% goal.

2.  Unimills sources segregated certified sustainable palm oil (CSPO) through a parent company Sime Darby, the world’s largest producer of sustainable palm oil: “We see in Sime Darby a likeminded partner who is as dedicated to operating sustainably and responsibly as we are,” says Unilever’s chief procurement officer Marc Engel (The Grocer, 25 September 2010), who adds: “We are both founding members of the RSPO and we work closely together on our sustainable journey.

3.  At the moment 15 of Sime Darby’s plantation “strategic operating units” have the capacity to produce more than 500,000 tons of sustainable crude palm oil a year in total, and the producer intends to have them all certified by the end of 2011.

4.  Unilever uses a lot of oils and fats in a bakery and morning goods enterprises and it has to avoid confrontations with regulatory and consumer groups opposed to the trans content of cooking oils and fats and of other hydrogenated and saturated fats. Moreover, the sustainability of Malaysian forests and survivable of threatened endogenous species such as the big apes are attracting more concern from consumer groups and environmentalists.


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