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Alpro and Tetley combine to make a good cuppa - 14/07/2010

Non-dairy milks offer consumers more choice for beverages

1.  The plant-milk market is showing welcome signs of innovation and strength, even as the full force of the recession threatens retrenchment.  So we can rejoice at the headline “Tetley for soya milk first to sport range redesign,” which translates into simple language as “Tetley is kicking off a major range redesign with the launch of a new bag especially to be used with soya milk.”  The tea-brand is owned by Tata, an Indian firm with strong marketing talents in the UK.  Tetley for soya is being introduced to retailers before the end of July and will sell at £2.39 per 80 tea bags, usefully complementing the range of beverages suitable for tea-making (but without proving that the match can be as successfully applied for coffee).  The new tea bags contain a special blend of black tea different from Tetley’s regular range.  The firm claims that they have created “a fuller-flavoured cup of tea when mixed with soya milk.”

2.  Simon Attfield, customer marketing controller for Tata Global Beverages, states: “Many soya drinkers find it hard to switch from dairy in their cuppa. It’s down to the proteins in soya, they work differently from the proteins in cow’s milk and can make normal everyday tea taste quite different.”

3.  Endorsing the new development Alpro will be teaming up with Tetley later this month on press advertising in support.  “It will help soya appeal to an even wider audience,” says John Allaway, commercial director for Alpro UK. “More people are becoming aware of low saturated fat and cholesterol-lowering credentials of soya,” he explains, predicting a demand for more soya-based alternatives to increase.

4.  The launch marks the first product to feature Tetley’s “more vibrant and modern” pack design.  As well as a bolder logo, images of swirling tea leaves have been added in a bid to communicate freshness to the consumer.  Over the next few months Tetley’s entire portfolio would adopt the new design “to provide a more consistent appearance on the shelf” says Simon Attfield.  Redbush and green tea are also included in Tetley ranges.

5.  We look forward to the introduction of jiggers of Alpro UHT milk with tea bags provided for travellers in catering establishments looking for a complete cuppa without recourse to convenient offerings of cow’s milk.  We note that our distribution of tags and labels to attach or accompany jugs of soya in hotels and other catering places has prompted increased signs of availability and display, as well as copying and adoption.  Our remaining stocks are now very low, but requests for small supplies may be met. They have been distributed free.



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