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Asda Delivers the Goods by Sea - 12/03/2010

Consignments of Environmentally Friendly Clothing

1.  Asda has saved almost 1.3 million road miles after shifting from road to sea when delivering to northern stores.  The retailer has been using a next-day coastal feeder shipping route between Felixstowe and Teesport since January 2009, transporting Asda and George-branded containers originating from the Far East.  It can load deliveries on up to 3 sailings a week.

2.  Previously Asda goods brought to southern ports would have been hauled by road up to its northern depots, accounting for an extra 2,200 tons of CO2.

3.  Revival of coastal shipping for north-south traffic, especially of non-perishable goods, nicely complements other efforts at improving north-south and east-west connexions by road and rail and developments in the canal network and environmental constraints on air services.  The ports along the east coast are useful for services for traffic direct between Scandinavian harbors and Rotterdam with Scotland and the north of England, which can include agricultural produce and suitability for distribution of bulk cargo intended for warehouses serving national retailers on the scale of high-street chains and supermarkets.

4.  Increase in coastal traffic and facilities might be developed into a form of touristry less affected by wind and tide than in the days of sail.  Who can disremember that plaintive Geordie voice appealing for the wind to blow southerly?  What actually was she yearning for:  a southerly wind bringing her beloved from lower latitudes or a blast from the north driving sailing and fishing fleets towards milder climes in the south?

5.  Asda’s calculations and others like it have to take account of return journeys, capacity for empties, and possible legs in “inner circle” traffic around the North sea.




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