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Home-grown Strawberries or Outspan Oranges for Breakfast? - 04/02/2010

A report on school catering and the contents of lunch boxes yielded some appalling results

1.  A report on school catering and the contents of lunch boxes yielded some appalling results, interpreted mainly at school level, but also for people at work, on site, or travelling, where winter warmers and a thermos of a soup or broth may prove to be a lifesaver for a trucker or motorist marooned in a snowdrift.  Modern packaging and a microwave oven can accomplish wonders, especially if solar power is at hand, to pouched and cartoned meals quickly warmed up and offering sustinance, sustainability, and survival for a trucker in his cab or a building worker in his cabin, with a portion of fresh fruit and veg in Food Standards Agency style.

2.  Now is the time for hotpots, stews, and soups and other winter
warmers.  These challenges put to the test champions of locally-grown fresh foods contemplating the prospects for northern Europeans whose latitudes and altitudes are high.  Costs of running glasshouses and polytunnels and wastes of building substantial farming premises and for heating have to set off against importation in the low-temperature holds and cargo-carrying capacity of air-traffic with areas with sunnier weather.

3.  Perhaps we can cheat by counting as local the whole of an EU expanding by latitude (down) or longitude (up).  Contractors in the USA gain by running their heavy sowing and harvesting equipment over several months as they advance from south to north in the USA.  Such a possibility does not exist for farmers in northern Europe, for various geographical and political reasons, so the hectic all-night bursts of activity in East Anglia are ensued by most of the year idle and susceptible to deterioration and harm by thefts and vandalism.

4.  We aver that our Portfolio of Eating Plans offers the best means, expressed variously and individually or corporately for thoughtful individuals or corporately for widespread adoption matching salubrious food production with salutary lifestyles, among which exercise and astute thinking and action must play their parts.  It has been argued that the word vegetarian derives from the Latin vegetates meaning lively.  Signs of such alleged vitality must not be dulled by a population earnestly cutting down on meat and dairy while sinking into a torpor of TV and resort to sweet and fatty corruptions of nature’s abundance of plant foods, in which nuts and the products of the rhizosphere call for increasing respect.

5.  We’ll be adding more meals of these types as our Portfolio progresses through the seasons.  For the moment, something to please the public complaining about the coal-tar dyes used to color tinned mushy peas.  The FSA is in the thick of controversy over these additives in an otherwise estimable sources of cheap protein, like peasepudding and lentil dhals and curries, in meat-and-dairy-free meals. Retailers, led by Tesco own-brand, are now falling over themselves to color tinned mushy peas with unobjectionable “natural” colors, and home-grown soya beans (edamame) are now entering the supermarkets in bagged frozen forms with natural greenness, adding another dimension in our Portfolio.



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