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Suffocation Causes “Immense Suffering” and 136,000 Deaths - 29/10/2009

After Break-in at a Poultry Farm near Edinburgh

1. Details are just being released of an incident at Beechgrove Farm, near Balerno in Scotland on 17th-18th August 2009.  The farm is owned by the Vion Food Group.  The Scottish SPCA, a charity, said the hens would have suffered “a slow death” filled with “fear and pain”.  A police spokesman said 12 sheds containing live chickens were broken into and the environmental controls tampered with.  “Officers do not believe the crime is the work of animal rights activists.”

2. “Intensively-grown chickens crowded together in huge factories are terribly vulnerable to any interference with environmental controls, whether deliberately or by accident,” states Ross Minett, of Advocates for Animals, lamenting “awful death from overheating and asphyxiation.”  The affected livestock were likely to be broiling chickens, normally packaged for consumption as roast chicken and worth about £400,000 in total.

3. Chicken meat is commonly used and consumed and is a marker food of the economics of recession.  Time then to ponder in a silent Grace before a meal, a few of the statements by the Group communications officer, Rob Smith, of Vion Food Group.

• Nothing was stolen, but the action of the culprits resulted in a high  number of bird fatalities

• A police investigation is presently underway and we are cooperating with their inquiries

4. Scottish SPCA chief superintendant Mike Flynn said:

“This was either an extremely callous or thoughtless act that has resulted in thousands of animals suffering what must have been a very uncomfortable and slow death filled with pain and fear.  Whoever is responsible for this clearly showed no consideration for the welfare of the birds.”

5. Vion Food Group own “the likes of Grampion Country Foods and Halls of Broxburn.”  Tampering with environmental controls needed to ensure the welfare of such large numbers of fowl living in close quarters with each other is a blatant sign of carelessness and cruelty, and prompts customers to exercise their own self-control and to withdrew from their complicity in such evils.

The vision should linger when merciful opportunities arise to practise the full extent of the 3Rs code of kinder living, dairy,-meat,-and cruelty-free, for which our Portfolio of Eating Plans, which undergo constant additions and improvements, offer tasty replacements – and exercise of sturdy free will.





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