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Chinese and Cruelty Free - 24/11/2005
Receipt of a mini cook book sent as a gift from China on the traditional Chinese Cuisine adds to a collection of nutritionally and medically recommended diets to a portfolio with significance in tasty and practicable expressions of healthy living. It offers traditional Chinese Wisdom in idiomatic American English.
Avian influenza may be posing an appalling threat during the year of the rooster, but we bring glad tidings with our first Christmas gift, given to VEGA by our “Chinese correspondent” (who worked for us while she was studying in London).

It's one of the Periplus Mini Cookbook range. It’s entitled Chinese Vegetarian Cooking. It’s well illustrated in colour and it’s in the true veggie tradition and in the true tradition of those oriental cuisines before westernization was inflicted on them. They need no invented words: they are plant foods with no vestige of corruption with components derived by routine exploitation of the “other” animal world. They are as Cruelty Free as the clothes and toiletries that prompted the successful campaigns and marketing of
Beauty Without Cruelty and The Body Shop
and offer practicable demonstrations of commitment to all adherents in one way or another to the really FREE MARKET, going beyond the Farm Animal Welfare Council's Five freedoms to the public committed to various expressions of FREE FROM- from meat, fish, poultry products, dairy……..

And there’s the benefit of eating in the way, led by many epidemiological studies, that doctors and nutritionists recommend among a portfolio of dietaries aimed at benefiting the human condition. These enterprises and practicable wisdoms are also at the heart of VEGA’s endeavours for policies collating issues of farming, food, health, and the environment. Or, as the Economist opined 6 months ago, giving its dietary advice.
“………a healthy diet is built on a base of grains, vegetables, and fruits, followed by ever decreasing amounts of dairy-products, meat, sweets, and oils….”

We haven’t tried the recipes yet. When Bessie was with us she made some magnificent meals of the type described in the book. To western tastes our only reservations were easing of the salt content and reduced quantities of oils. The recipes delight us vegans, who look for tasty applications of commonly available cereals and pulses, seaweeds, “wood” fungi e.g. shitake and oyster, and not mushrooms likely to be grown on chicken “compost”.

The ingredients mentioned in the Periplus booklet are increasingly available among the “healthy” ranges in supermarkets. They may also be obtained by informed choices at Chinese takeaways or food stores.

We have no commercial or financial interest in the Chinese Vegetarian Cooking. It is published by Periplus Mini Cookbooks, Berkeley Books Pte Ltd, 130 Joo Seng Road #06-01/03, Singapore 368357. Tel (65) 628013330 Fax (65) 6280 6290. Email inquiries@periplus.com.sq. Try the publisher for further information and comments. It may be ordered through a bookshop or online(ISBN 0-7946-0051-4). It would cost about $3 dollars or 3.5 euros or £5.

And for suitable Yuletide nosh, what about some fresh fruits as nice accompaniments-mandarins, Chinese gooseberries (kiwis) for starters, or estimable sweets, perhaps.

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