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Arousal from a French Letter - 21/09/2004
Dairy farmer’s wife reports favourable results from a trial of the soya variety.

"Tim is milking,
there’s a tankful
of the stuff, and
I’m paying for
soya milk!"

Cherry, daughter of dairy farmer Tim and wife Chrissie, is slim and is “watching her diet”. Cherry was “raised on cow’s milk, butter, and cheese”, but now “has been cutting out her dairy foods, and her with a father who has an industry to support”. Chrissie reports that she is “one of those people who wake up slim, but find that my waistline expands as the day wears on- due to the dreaded, unmentionable bloat”, so out of interest, and while Cherry was visiting, she thought that she would “try some soya milk”.

Chrissie admits that “it does rather go against the grain when it’s Sunday night, Tim is still out milking, there’s a tankful of the stuff, and I’m paying for soya milk! But I have to say that I had two comments last week about looking slimmer, and that’s just after a fortnight.” Chrissie has “always drunk a lot of milk- in coffee, tea, and on cereals”, and has “never tried a diet… But this isn’t really a diet as I haven’t changed any other eating habits, so we will see what happens”.

No ordinary diary item, this Letter from Vimer is a regular feature in the Farmers Weekly chosen to record the move some years ago of a British farming family to try their luck in northern France. Our excerpts come from the issue 19 March 2004.

The latest intelligence from the dairy-frees reveals another weakening of the antagonists: the notorious butter-everything-up Marks and Spencer have launched their own-brand plant-milks. The supermarkets and retail chains are beginning to compete on price with organic dairy-produce – and at much reduced cost to cow and calf.


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