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Supermarket Pressure

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People can exert their influence just as powerfully by a few minutes phoning, writing, e-mailing, or talking to a manager, as by spending hours at demonstrations. Whey, butter, egg-white, lactose and their derivatives are as much by-products of the live/deadstock industry as gelatin, rennet, and animal derived finings. Unobjectionable alternatives exist. (See Life Without Eggs and Going Dairy-Free).

Assert yourself as a customer. Work on the cutting edge of competition. Tell Sainsbury that you don’t go to their store for summer pudding, but shop instead at Tesco where this item is sold without gelatin in the ingredients.

Tell manufacturers that you might buy low-fat humus if whey were not added and you want biscuits made with vegetable oil, not butter.

Increasing supermarket shelf space is being devoted to non-dairy milk, yoghurt and icecream, supermarket own-brand tofu, beers which list ingredients and processing aids on the label... Exploit the competition for customer loyalty and demand products which do not rely on the exploitation of animals.

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Many cafes are now serving soya milk. You don’t have to make do with black tea and coffee. Ask for an alternative to cow milk. And if one is not available be sure to mention that there are other cafes that do cater for your needs.


The more freely available non-animal derived foods become, the easier it is for people to avoid participation in the live/deadstock industry.

Campaign Network

If you write letters, talk to store managers or exert your influence in any other way, we would like to hear about your efforts. Keep VEGA informed of your progress.

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Be Careful!

Check that food is vegan. Walkers Heinz Tomato Ketchup flavor crisps are not vegan - they contain lactose. (VEGA has a list of Walkers products that are vegan - email us for a copy).

You might also like to visit Vegan Consumer and contribute to their No Whey Campaign.

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