Dairy-Free Labels for Catering Establishments




Dairy-free alternatives are easily available
Dairy-free milks add variety and advantages at catering establishments (such as canteens, refectories, dining halls in universities, self-service restaurants, leisure centres, cookery schools and hotels). Dairy free milk acts as a replacement for those who have an allergy to cow’s milk or have chosen this cruelty free option for moral reasons or health reasons.  Some customers might take the opportunity to try these much-advertised products if they are easily available. More and more venues are providing dairy-free milk as an alternative to cow’s milk and customers will often choose dairy-free milk if they know that it is available. There’s no excuse over availability: soya milks, chilled and UHT, are now on sale nationwide in supermarkets and multiple chains.

Plant milks play a large part in the nutritionally-accredited and cruelty-free Portfolio of tasty eating plans designed as alternatives offering benefits matching regimens of drug treatments, such as statins. Our website offers recipes and more information on these matters.

Soya is not unique in the conversion of cereals, seeds, and nuts into milks, butter and yogurts. The output of these crops is now being elevated from ingredients for confectionery and snacks to the stuff of well rounded and assessed meals such as those offered on our website. They are gathering increased interest from chefs, nutritionists and cookery-writers.

Dairy-free labels are here
When dairy-free milk is offered in a jug (possibly alongside cow’s milk), it is important that it is clearly labelled to avoid confusion. We often find that jugs of dairy-free milk haven’t been labelled or that customers have to specifically ask for it from the fridge. As a result of a pilot project launched last year we have now extended our distribution of distinctive and practical dairy-free labels to meet the rapidly increasing demand for dairy-free alternatives. These labels appeal to consumers exercising a greater choice in their requirements and expectations. They can be easily attached to handles of jugs placed alongside the containers for cow’s milk.

If you would like some labels:
If you are part of a catering establishment and you would like some labels, or if you know of a catering establishment that you think would benefit from having these labels, then we will be happy to supply some of them on request (please send us a letter with an SAE enclosed). We would also appreciate any feedback via email and publicity to get more venues to use these or similar labels.


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