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VEGA Responds to CIWF Campaign on Humane Slaughter - 09/10/2014
VEGA is campaigning for a kinder farming that would avoid the exploitation of all animals and the horrors of the slaughterhouse   Full Story >>
Religious Slaughter - 09/09/2014
VEGA comments on a letter on non-stun slaughter from Lord Trees in the Veterinary Record   Full Story >>
Natural Burials - 08/09/2014
There is now a wealth of information on the internet for anyone planning a funeral with a natural burial   Full Story >>
Questions to New Mothers - 23/07/2014
Questions mothers should ask themselves in preparation for children’s diets recommended by the authorities   Full Story >>
Puzzles in the Meat Trade - 01/07/2014
Slaughter of animals has a special signficance for orthodox Jews in the dietary prescriptions for those producing foods   Full Story >>
Grow Food not Feed: New Factors in Nutrition - 16/06/2014
We value scientifically appraised food for animals of all kinds, humans included, rather than mountains of gut-fill   Full Story >>
Let Us All Work Together for Animal Welfare and the Environment - 11/06/2014
Vegan Principles in Food Production: Exercising them Immediately and Effectively   Full Story >>
Establishing a New Body - 21/05/2014
The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons debates the future of the RCVS fellowship   Full Story >>
Advice on School Meals - 24/04/2014
Preparations for Five to Eight Year Olds: Hurrying Things up for Satisfactory Advice   Full Story >>
Topical Foods for Youngsters - 25/03/2014
Every Kitchen Should Have a Blender   Full Story >>
Doing Things Quickly - 22/03/2014
Animal Health and Veterinary Laboratories Agency (AHVLA) cuts number of veterinary surveillance centres from 14 to 6   Full Story >>
Uncertainties Around Tackling TB - 08/03/2014
Debate and confusion around badger cull   Full Story >>
Bacteria have Nutritional Qualities in Health - 04/03/2014

Significance of Plant-Based Diets in the Very Young   Full Story >>

Detail and the Law - 01/03/2014
Development of a new EU animal health law   Full Story >>
Forty Years On - A Diet for the Future - 22/02/2014

Common sense is a factor too seldom dominating our lives and so it is with the facts of early living in Great Britain   Full Story >>

Now’s the Time for Reaction by the Government - 04/02/2014
The blasphemy that is Christmas has been expressed in a horrendous disregard to our environment and our kindliness to it, and animal welfare as well as human welfare has been neglected   Full Story >>
Weathering the Cuts? - 18/01/2014

The Veterinary Record discusses the impact of Defra spending cuts   Full Story >>

School Meal Plans - 17/12/2013
A Diet for the Future   Full Story >>
DNA Pioneer Frederick Sanger Dies Aged 95 - 03/12/2013
The British scientist who helped work out how to sequence DNA and paved the way for the modern revolution in the understanding of genetics, has died   Full Story >>
Concerns About Pet Travel - 30/11/2013
Vets raise concerns about the easing of restrictions on pet travel   Full Story >>
Defining Roles - 23/11/2013
RCVS discusses creation of a new category of ‘advanced practitioners’   Full Story >>
Early Foods and Drinks Consumed Before the Age of Five - 21/11/2013
Introducing good nutrition values to children as young as five still poses difficulties because they may have picked up bad habits already   Full Story >>
Providing Assurance on Food - 07/11/2013

The horsemeat in ‘beef’ products scandal earlier this year did nothing to improve public confidence in the food chain   Full Story >>

British Vets Flex Your Muscles for Farm Animal Welfare - 07/11/2013
Volunteers Wanted - 28/10/2013
VEGA calls for volunteers   Full Story >>
Seeking More Assurance - 28/10/2013

The Farm Animal Welfare Committee reports on the animal welfare implications of farm assurance schemes   Full Story >>

Curbing Emissions - 18/10/2013

The IPCC warns that global warming is ‘unequivocal’ and that limiting it will require ‘substantial and sustained reductions of greenhouse gas emissions’   Full Story >>

Working on School Meals - 04/10/2013
Free School Meals Due to be Introduced for 5 to 8 Year Olds   Full Story >>
Teaching Good Living and Enjoyment with Food - 01/10/2013
Plans to teach good eating and choice of food are long overdue but have been ignored   Full Story >>
Bullish Approach to Bovine TB - 13/07/2013
Defra's draft strategy for achieving official bovine TB-free status for England was published for consultation in early July   Full Story >>
Iodine: Valuable Sources From Mariculture - 10/07/2013

VEGA looks at the iodine question, following publication of a recent Lancet paper   Full Story >>

Fundamental Questions on Food - 06/07/2013

Two reviews, commissioned by the Food Standards Agency and Defra look at the handling of the horsemeat scandal   Full Story >>

Communicating on Bovine TB - 21/06/2013

A report published by the House of Commons Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee last week considers the part that vaccines might ultimately play in helping to control bTB in cattle and badgers   Full Story >>

Putting a Value on Veterinary Research - 14/06/2013
It is a truth not widely enough acknowledged, particularly in times of austerity or between disease outbreaks, that veterinary research is well worth doing   Full Story >>
Supermarkets 'Misled' on GM Soya Claims - 07/06/2013

British supermarkets may have been misled over the tight availability of non-GM soya, which prompted them to drop their requirement for GM-free ingredients in broiler and layer rations   Full Story >>

Focusing on Procurement - Customer Beware! - 15/05/2013

The AHVLA (Animal Health and Veterinary Laboratories Agency) announced last week that it has set 2014 as the target date for the introduction of a ‘better balanced veterinary delivery model   Full Story >>

Wet Weather Washes Away 100% British Wheat Pledges - 10/05/2013

The worst British crop in 30 years has scuppered promises by major suppliers reports The Grocer...   Full Story >>

Animal Welfare Foundation Annual Discussion - 09/05/2013

The Animal Welfare Foundation (AWF) will hold its annual discussion forum in London on May 13   Full Story >>

Keep Your Eyes Open on New Laws - 08/05/2013

Various animal welfare problems are discussed almost in secret, maybe because the lay animal welfare organisations don’t get a look in as more organisations and meetings are run almost in secret   Full Story >>

A Walk in the Countryside - 05/05/2013

All is not bad in the countryside where many people and families will be enjoying beautiful weather we hope   Full Story >>

A Policy for a Cheerful but Austere Lifestyle for Britain - 26/04/2013

Looking Forward to a Lifestyle Austere but Cheerful   Full Story >>

Swedish Authorities Recommend a Tax on Meat - 30/03/2013

Swedish agricultural authorities are recommending a tax to reduce meat consumption and say such a levy should be adopted across the European Union   Full Story >>

Forty Five Per Cent of Britons Favour a Ban on Shechita - 27/03/2013

According to the Jewish Chronicle, forty five per cent of Britons now favour a ban on shechita (religious slaughter)   Full Story >>

Working Together on Resistance - 22/03/2013

Antimicrobial resistance hit the headlines again this week, this time courtesy of England's Chief Medical Officer, Sally Davies, who, in her annual report, warned that ‘global action is needed to tackle the catastrophic effect of antimicrobial resistance   Full Story >>

Heinz Gluten-Free Range - 08/03/2013

Gluten-free products, including a number of meat- and dairy-free products would be acceptable to customers looking for high-welfare foods.   Full Story >>

Structures and Surveillance - 02/03/2013

Sweeping cuts have been proposed at the Animal Health and Veterinary Laboratories Agency (AHVLA):   Full Story >>

Progress of Sorts - 23/02/2013

Defra’s announcement that it intends to make microchipping of dogs compulsory in England from April 6, 2016, has been widely welcomed   Full Story >>

Horsemeat and Other Food Factors - 19/02/2013

We are sorry that our work on the sources of food and the transport and trade in food animals has so far been overlooked in the studies connected with horsemeat.   Full Story >>

Every Little Helps - 11/02/2013

The Green Campaign can receive support from all customers for food and commodities in general   Full Story >>

Meeting Demand for Food - 19/01/2013

At this year's Oxford Farming Conference, there was an “emphasis on increasing production sustainably” – as well as on “improved competitiveness”   Full Story >>

Revising the Rules on Medicines - 12/01/2013

The Veterinary Medicines Directorate has launched a public consultation on new regulations that should come into force in October   Full Story >>

Filling a Gap on Surveillance - 05/01/2013

A new model for scanning veterinary surveillance in England and Wales has been proposed by the AHVLA   Full Story >>

Important Role For Vets - 15/12/2012

In a report published last month the Farm Animal Welfare Committee (FAWC)describes the farm animal veterinary surgeon as ‘second only to the stock-keeper/stockperson in ensuring that farm animals in Great Britain are treated humanely’   Full Story >>

Thinking About Europe - 08/12/2012

A recent document from Defra and the Food Standards Agency (FSA) calls for evidence on ‘The balance of competences between the United Kingdom and the European Union’   Full Story >>

New Technologies, New Concerns - 01/12/2012

A recent opinion from the Farm Animal Welfare Committee (FAWC) considers ‘the welfare implications of breeding and breeding technologies in commercial livestock agriculture’   Full Story >>

Momentum on Resistance - 24/11/2012

The level of interest in antimicrobial resistance generated by European Antibiotic Awareness Day, which is held each year on November 18, continues to grow   Full Story >>

Forecasts of Essential Materials Threaten the ‘Red’ Sector More Than the ‘Green’ - 26/10/2012

As bad grain harvests around the world send animal feed prices soaring, food manufacturers and cosmetics suppliers are facing higher prices for gelatine,   Full Story >>

Raise Pork Prices by 10p per Kg or Pay More in 2013 Says Bpex - 26/10/2012

Consumers could face huge increases in pork prices next year unless retailers pass on a modest rise in retail prices now to cover higher production costs, Bpex says   Full Story >>

Sprouted Seeds Safety Boost from Legislation - 26/10/2012

Sprouted seed suppliers dogged by last year's tragic E.coli outbreaks in Germany and France are hoping to regain the trust of consumers following the adoption of new EU rules improving traceability.   Full Story >>

Ethics of Firing Debated at BEVA Congress - 12/10/2012

We are amazed at the small preponderance of vets asking for a ban on horse firing   Full Story >>

Keeping Track of Swine Influenza Viruses - 12/10/2012

Spread of Swine Influenza Needs Caution   Full Story >>

Defra Confirms Benefits of Eating Less Dairy - 12/10/2012

Defra has come under fire from the dairy industry for suggesting consumer should cut their dairy consumption by 30% in order to meet healthy eating guidelines.   Full Story >>

Edible Gums – Vegetarian Gelatin - 12/10/2012

As high maize prices continue to stoke fears about food price inflation, slimmers and those on a gluten-free diet could soon be hit by price increases as the cost of xanthan gum is going up.   Full Story >>

Alpro Offers Branded Rice Drink in Shift to 'Plant-Based' Strategy - 12/10/2012

Alpro has made its debut in rice milk following its transition from a soya to a 'plant-based' dairy-free brand in January.   Full Story >>

Views Sought on Protecting Animal Welfare at Slaughter - 02/10/2012

Defra and the devolved administrations in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are consulting on implementation of EU regulations on protection of animals at the time of killing   Full Story >>

The Dark Side of Lambing and Calving: Testing for Schmallenberg Virus - 28/09/2012

The following details were presented to farmers and vets with malformed animals born with the Schmallenberg Virus.   Full Story >>

Possibly Dangerous Antibiotics in Milk are Overlooked by Veterinary (and Medical) Authorities - 28/09/2012

The new Minister of Agriculture (David Heath), the veterinary authorities and human doctors might like to comment on this apparent misuse of antibiotics with nothing but venal benefits to the farmers involved and danger to the emergence of resistance to human beings.   Full Story >>

Matters Arising as Comings and Goings of Government Ministers Stress the Urgency for Rapid Improveme - 28/09/2012

The Editor of the Veterinary Record appears understand the longstanding and new overdue issues that face the incoming ministers.   Full Story >>

Toxoplasmosis: BVA says risk from cats should not be overplayed - 26/09/2012

Following a report on Toxoplasmosis by the Advisory Committee on the Microbiological Safety of Food (ACMSF) and newspaper reports suggesting a high infection rate from cats, the British Veterinary Association has sought to reassure cat owners.   Full Story >>

Tackling Enterohaemorrhagic E Coli at Source - 26/09/2012

At a recent workshop held by the Scottish Food Standards Agency, the role of ‘supershedders’ – cattle that excrete particularly high levels of E coli O157 in their faeces – was one of the main issues discussed.   Full Story >>

TB Running Out of Control - 26/09/2012

According to a recent report published by the Animal Health and Welfare Board for England (AHWBE), bovine TB (bTB) is currently costing Defra about £100 million a year,   Full Story >>

Report Identifies Top Cattle Health and Welfare Issues - 26/09/2012

The top 10 cattle health and welfare problems facing both beef and dairy animals are identified in the first ‘state-of-the-nation’ report by the GB Cattle Health and Welfare Group (CHAWG),   Full Story >>

Reading the Labels – Overdue Action Required by Animal Welfarists - 21/09/2012

The origins of meat and milk are omitted in the naming of the sources and purposes of these products, as well as the taste and provenance of the products.   Full Story >>

Assessing the Welfare of Dairy Cows - 07/09/2012

In a letter to the Veterinary Record (18 August 2012), Sean Wensley, a Bristol vet, gives a glimmer of hope to support our own urgent concern over the welfare of these animals.   Full Story >>

Hen Depletion - 17/08/2012

Fifty years or so ago, Ruth Harrison, who wrote Animal Machines, focussed on the catching of poultry from large units ready for slaughter.   Full Story >>

Illegal Poultry Slaughter - 06/08/2012

The appalling slaughter was reported by chance by a policeman on another investigation.   Full Story >>

Milk Fever (hypocalcemia, parturient paresis) - 01/08/2012

Milk fever in cows usually occurs within 72 hr of parturition.   Full Story >>

A Fat Lot of Good - 20/07/2012

We must give plaudits where some comment on the food industry is due. That is so for the producers of ‘dairy’ fats such as Pure margarine   Full Story >>

The Milk of Human Kindness - 03/07/2012

The Grocer Magazine has chosen Alpro as a pioneer of plant power   Full Story >>

Unsubsidised Alpro a feasible alternative to (wholly subsidised) dairy products - 15/06/2012

Alpro is the most wonderful inclusion into the introduction to veg*nism.   Full Story >>

C*wardice - 28/05/2012

The subject of ritual slaughter and other slaughter methods is upon us and puts particular emphasis on the fact that Jews and Muslims are not averse to vegetarian diets.   Full Story >>

Uterine Diseases - 11/05/2012

Europe’s dairy industry incurs a loss of about €1.4 billion each year from uterine disease according to a recent study.   Full Story >>

Vets Learn the Facts of Life - 11/05/2012

Sally Wilson is a DairyCo trained mobility mentor who helps dairy farmers tackle welfare issues and promote a positive and professional image by being ‘proud of dairy’.   Full Story >>

Something to be Sheepish About - 26/04/2012

“Sheep’s main purpose in life is to find ways of dying” is a cruel jest of farmers.   Full Story >>

Read the Label - 17/02/2012

The concepts of thrifty farming are becoming increasingly urgent and will require greater attention in future.   Full Story >>

Action and Repentance for Lent 2012 - 31/01/2012

Lent is a season of repentance following the revelry and crapulence of Christmas.   Full Story >>

D-Light at Vitamin Breakthrough - 20/12/2011

We are pleased to note what appears to be a world first in nutritional supplements.   Full Story >>

Bill Clinton Talks About Being a Vegan - 07/09/2011

Former President Bill Clinton is speaking out about his plant-based, heart-healthy diet   Full Story >>

Trying a Little Tenderness in Killing For Meat - 18/03/2011

Technology Tackles Variability   Full Story >>

NFO's President calls for a Food Plan - 08/03/2011

He Should Set a Personal Example of His Own Demands   Full Story >>

Feed Prices Unsettling Europe’s Meat Industry - 08/03/2011

Dioxin Contaminations Depress Trade Too   Full Story >>

Poultry Farm and Slaughterhouse Face Closure - 03/03/2011
Appeal Fails to Overturn Decision by Stratford and Avon DC   Full Story >>
Farmers Spill the Beans on the Meat Markets - Rising Prices and Shaky Supplies - 24/02/2011

Fears are growing over the UK’s beef supply   Full Story >>

Hand and Fingers Cut Off in Yorkshire Processor Plant - 21/02/2011

Firm Fined £14,000 with £8,387 Costs   Full Story >>

Obituary Glyn Davys - A Stalwart for Low Input - Farming and Sustenance - 16/02/2011

Glyn Davys, a campaigner against malnutrition, died on 4th January 2011, aged 85   Full Story >>

Milling Wheat from Estonia may Stabilize this Year's Cereal Market - 19/01/2011
Flour Imported from Estonia is being used for the first time by British Food Producers   Full Story >>
Rinderpest Cattle Plague Has Been Eliminated - 10/01/2011

Doctors Won the Battle Over Small Pox - Vets Get The Victory Over Rinderpest   Full Story >>

Man and Dog Unsnow a Cat - 06/01/2011

Seeing the Countryside Thru the Eyes of a Naturalist   Full Story >>

Filling the Granaries in 1940 for the Fight Back - 06/01/2011

As the Year 2010 Ended with Some Remembrance and History   Full Story >>
Does 2011 Augur Well? Of Well-practised Austerity - 06/01/2011

Turkey Mania Heralds Surge in Prices   Full Story >>

Bill Clinton Goes Vegan(ish) - 06/01/2011

Bill Clinton is Named the Animal World’s New Best Friend   Full Story >>

Here’s To 2011 and Healthy Old Age - 06/01/2011

More than 10 Million People in the UK who are Currently Alive are Expected to Live to More than 100 According to Predictions from the Dept. for Work and Pensions   Full Story >>

Farmer Killed by Panic and Stampede in his Cows - 21/12/2010

A Fireman's Siren Caused "Death by Dangerous Driving"   Full Story >>

Manky Meat By Any Other Name - 21/12/2010

A Reminder of a Colourful Past was noted recently by a Reader, Murray Hedgcock, of VEGA’s Antecedents   Full Story >>

Turmoil in South Korea’s Poultry Industry - 21/12/2010
The Chicken Industry is Speading its Evil Manifestations of Cheap Food at any Price, now Revealed in Events in South Korea   Full Story >>
Doubts, Definitions, and Distractions - 21/12/2010

Breed Bothersome Beauty Benefit   Full Story >>

Gangmaster Fined over Supplying Workers for a Slaughterhouse Without a Licence - 21/12/2010

A Gangmaster on Dungannon Convicted on 23 November 2010   Full Story >>

Escaped Cow, Defies Police in Stand-off in Nottingham - 21/12/2010

She Scares a Houseperson after a Chase   Full Story >>

Consultation on Bovine Tuberculosis - 08/12/2010

Vega responds to a consultation on the Government’s approach to tackling bTB and badger control policy   Full Story >>

The Imminent Hajj Pilgrimage, Sacrifices and Devotions - 05/11/2010

Mass Events in Tourism and Travel that Affront a Green View of the Numinous and Respect for Life   Full Story >>

Halal Butchers Found Guilty of Employing Illegal Workers - 04/11/2010

Heavy Fines and Deportations Follow in London   Full Story >>

Rewiring Britain will add costs of £60 a year for Brits - 08/10/2010

Let’s Not Forget the Costs and Environmental Costs of Fuel Miles   Full Story >>

For What We're About to Receive - 08/10/2010

This is a Specially Significant Harvest Festival for Every Consumer Considering the Provenance of Food and Sustainable Farming and Environment and Lessons Learnt from Seventy Years Ago, with Parallels in Current Affairs   Full Story >>

Adnams goes Anerobic on Brewery Waste - 05/10/2010

Adnams is to Open the First Anerobic Digestion Plant in the UK to Run on Brewery Waste   Full Story >>

Unilever Claims Progress Towards 100% Sustainable Palm Oil Sources - 05/10/2010

Unilever Claims that it is ahead of Schedule on its Pledge to Source all Palm Oil from “Certified Sustainable Sources” by 2015   Full Story >>

Toxic Dust Kills Pigeon Fancier - 05/10/2010

Environmental Message on Keeping Crowded Flocks   Full Story >>

Fat Distribution and Risks of Cancer - 17/09/2010

New Evidence on the Significance of Body Shape   Full Story >>

Surgery With A Butcher’s Cleaver In Health Care Alarm As Specialist Services Are Being Chopped - 16/09/2010

Developments in the NHS   Full Story >>

Hell is on the 7th Floor - 16/09/2010

Wild Animals Kept in Cramped and Filthy Conditions in a Bangkok Department Store   Full Story >>

Meat-and-Bone Meal on Way Back into Feedstuffs for Farm Animals - 16/09/2010

The European Commission Publishes Controversial Proposals   Full Story >>

Sheep Meat’s Popularity Wanes - Consumers Lose Interest on Origins - 16/09/2010

The UK is the Largest Sheep-Producing Member of the EU   Full Story >>

Illegal Workers Found at Halal Butcher’s - 16/09/2010

Raids by UK Border Agency Discovered Illegal Workers in South London   Full Story >>

Spillage and Leakage of Ammonia Cost - 16/09/2010

Pollution of 2.5 km of Watercourse   Full Story >>

Food Standards Agency’s Responsibilities Dispersed - 06/09/2010

Charities Upset by Changes in Safety, Security and Research   Full Story >>

All Change at Harrow on the Halal - 06/09/2010

Town Hall Rules that Halal Meat Must Be Served in State Schools Burghers Doolally   Full Story >>

Hard Cheese and a Mountain of Fat for the Buttered Up Dairy Industry - 06/09/2010
Soaring UK Butter Prices   Full Story >>
Halal Won’t Satisfy Animal Welfarists until its Veggyhal - 03/09/2010

A Unique “Ground-Breaking” Study into the Halal Sector in England is Under Way   Full Story >>

For What We Are About To Receive - 26/08/2010

Thanksgiving and Recipes for Good Food and Kindly Farming   Full Story >>

New Products in the Cauldron Range - 20/08/2010

Suitable Components for Meat-Free Eating   Full Story >>

Transformations in Dietary Fats - 20/08/2010

Reinforce Saturated Warnings   Full Story >>

Lucozade and Irn-Bru must carry Warnings - 13/08/2010

Europe takes precautionary action over information on popular British soft drinks   Full Story >>

Series of Weather Extremes with Cereal Consequences - 13/08/2010

Longer term changes of global warming   Full Story >>

Campaign for Uplifting Harvest Festivals Next Month in “Beggared Britain” - 12/08/2010

Farm to Fork, Education, History, Inspiration, Action, Deliberation, What we are About to Receive, Weather, Climate, Famine, Disease, War, Poverty, Civil Strife, Shortages, Waste, Greed, Land, Environment, Wellbeing and Recession   Full Story >>

A Big Mince-up over Analysis, The Fat is Now Regulating the Fire - 11/08/2010

The Local Government Authority says that consumers “face a lottery” when buying minced beef   Full Story >>

Rent-a-Roof, Free Solar Panels, and Reduced Electricity Bills - 11/08/2010

Thousands of homes are being offered the chance to rent their roofs to a solar power company in exchange for cheaper electricity bills   Full Story >>

Will Cheap Feed Save the American Food Industry’s Bacon on 9th August 2010? - 11/08/2010

A crispy rasher of bacon is becoming an increasingly costly indulgence in the USA   Full Story >>

Electric Cars and the Future - 06/08/2010

Good Prospects, but Heavy Batteries, Limited Range, and Copper at a High Price Generate Doubts   Full Story >>

What Hopes for Inspiration from the Renewed DEFRA? - 03/08/2010

The Food Standards Agency Survives - Just   Full Story >>

Confusion Over The Army’s Bearskins - Objections Increase - 28/07/2010

Campaigns to stop black bears being turned into ceremonial bearskin hats   Full Story >>

Possible Threat Hanging Over the UK's Wheat Harvest - 27/07/2010

Fusarium Ear Blight Fungus Identified   Full Story >>

Helping Plants to Help Themselves - 27/07/2010

There's More to the Rhizosphere than Nitrogen Fixation (FAO)   Full Story >>

Gorillas Play Tag to Learn Life Skills - 15/07/2010

Sense of Fair Play Resembles Humans’   Full Story >>

Animal Rights Arsonist Jailed for 10 years - 15/07/2010

Animal Rights Activist Jailed   Full Story >>

Chinese Going for the Krill in the Southern Ocean - 15/07/2010

Conservationists See Risks of Overfishing   Full Story >>

Weight Watchers Wins Over Budgeting GPs - 15/07/2010

Good Results from International Treatments for Obesity   Full Story >>

Will School Meals Campaigns Survive The Cuts? - 14/07/2010

And What About Care for the Lone Crumblies?   Full Story >>

Alpro and Tetley combine to make a good cuppa - 14/07/2010

Non-dairy milks offer consumers more choice for beverages   Full Story >>

Celebrations in the Environment - 12/07/2010

First, Do No Harm. Ban on Chinese Lanterns Called For   Full Story >>

Whole Foods Copes with Recession Cutting Losses - 12/07/2010

Whole Foods Market narrowed its UK pre tax losses   Full Story >>

Seepage of lethal radon gas into the built environment - 12/07/2010

Protection from Radon   Full Story >>

Alpro launch a special dairy-free milk for children - 12/07/2010

Claimed to be suitable for children aged one year and above   Full Story >>

To Skin or Peel? Differences at the Bean Feast - 12/07/2010

Letter to the Times   Full Story >>

A Stinging Reproach to the Human Frailty for Sweeties - 28/06/2010

Warning to pest controllers   Full Story >>

More Jobs for Bees and Wasps - 28/06/2010

We Already Prize these Insects as Pollinators   Full Story >>

Threats to Badgers, Cattle, and Dairying Due to bTB - 25/06/2010

A pilot cull of badgers is about to start in Wales   Full Story >>

KFC’s London Flagship restaurant suffers heavily from failures in hygiene - 25/06/2010

Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC)   Full Story >>

A Link Between Phone Masts and Cancers in Children Rejected - 25/06/2010

Pregnant women who live close to mobile-phone masts do not need to move house   Full Story >>

More on the Nightingale, but not for long in song in Britain - 25/06/2010

Britain’s population of nightingales has fallen by 90% in the last 40 years   Full Story >>

Does the Meat Industry Pose a Credible Threat to the Environment? - 17/06/2010

73% Said No. Can that Mean that One in Four, for a Start, see the Need for Salutary Food from Salubrious Farming? and Want Change   Full Story >>

GM – Potatoes Prompt Another Bout of Controversy - 16/06/2010

Cultivation of Genetically-Modified Potatos   Full Story >>

Feeding and Watering Wild Birds in Winter and Droughts - 11/06/2010

An answer to a reader’s query in RSPCA Animal Life magazine (Winter 2009)   Full Story >>

The Carrot Fly - 11/06/2010

Pretty Deterrents to Fight Off an Ugly Threat   Full Story >>

Homes and Habitats for Wild Animals - 11/06/2010

The RSPCA Loses Its Way Over Keeping Chinchillas As Pets   Full Story >>

What is Gluten Sensitivity? - 03/06/2010

Diagnosis of the Condition: There’s More To Do   Full Story >>

Sandwiches: The Greatest Thing Since Sliced Bread? - 26/05/2010

Britain’s Standby has Been Buttered Up and Egg Bound with Cheesy Ingredients and Pretensions   Full Story >>

Salutary Food from Salubrious Farming - 21/05/2010


Clarifying Matters of Conditioned Beer. Cheers! - 18/05/2010

Developments in Traditional Practices Offer Real Ales for “Green” Drunkers   Full Story >>

Will Imminent Recession Slaughter Food Standards? - 12/05/2010
Or will the Recession Prompt Worthy Innovation and Thrift?   Full Story >>
The Future’s Not So Rosy for Cider - 07/05/2010

Opportunities Remain for Apple Juice and Cider Vinegar   Full Story >>

Nightingales: Understorey and the Glory of Song at Night - 06/05/2010

Nightingale Numbers in England have Dropped   Full Story >>

Immigrant Farmworkers Save British Farming - 06/05/2010

Bonuses Promised A New for High Standards of Animal Welfare   Full Story >>

Bussed or Bust? A Dilemma for Londoners - 06/05/2010

Single or Double Deckers in the Built Environment?   Full Story >>

Oaks in Decline - 06/05/2010

New Diseases Threaten Britain’s Iconic Tree   Full Story >>

Cereals replace Chocolate - 05/05/2010

Britain's Biggest Food Export Boost to Weetabix Exports to the Middle East   Full Story >>

Now’s the Time to Plant Sweet Potatoes in the UK - 05/05/2010

It’s Worth a Try   Full Story >>

Hop Shoot Soup for Henley - 05/05/2010

Missed opportunity for Portfolio Recipes   Full Story >>

Gathering Nuts in May - 04/05/2010

Prices Soar.  Pickers Scarce   Full Story >>

Council 'Tried to Seize Veggie' Child' - 30/04/2010
Parents Accused of Misfeeding Their Son. Two-Year Battle to Stop Social Workers Taking Him Into Care   Full Story >>
Elections 2010: Policies not Politics Must Inform Voting - 28/04/2010

Farming, Food, Health and Land for Life, Not Strife   Full Story >>

Trans-lation of Fats and Risks to Health - 27/04/2010

Profiling the Omega   Full Story >>

Pouches and Bottles for Sales of Milks - 27/04/2010

Supermarkets' Different Experiences   Full Story >>

Science Favours Sustainable Mariculture - 23/04/2010

Marine industries are gaining a lot of attention as sources of food, pharmaceuticals and bio  fuels   Full Story >>

First Do No Harm - 23/04/2010

A tribute to John Pemberton, Epidemiologist and Pioneer in Social and Preventive Medicine   Full Story >>

Coarse and Illegal Fishing - 23/04/2010

Another Throwback in Unpoliced Blood Sport   Full Story >>

Veggy Might - 16/04/2010

We are proud to announce that Professor Peter Singer is joining our team as a Patron.   Full Story >>

Big Talk to Impress the Food Police - 07/04/2010

Pepsico Plans Slow Reforms in the Fast Food Market   Full Story >>

Conservation and Conservatism - 07/04/2010

Broken Britain and its Countryside Deserves Better Than Hunting with Dogs   Full Story >>

Bully Beef - 07/04/2010

Supermarkets in Dispute over Employment in Meat Trade   Full Story >>

Hospitality for All at B and Bs - 07/04/2010

Discrimination on the No Vacancies Board?   Full Story >>

Read Those Labels! - 07/04/2010

What’s Natural About Dietary Fats?   Full Story >>

Sandstorms Engulfing Beijing - 30/03/2010

Serious Threats of Desertification in China   Full Story >>

Asda Delivers the Goods by Sea - 12/03/2010

Consignments of Environmentally Friendly Clothing   Full Story >>

Tesco’s Customers Enjoy Greater Choice in Breads - 12/03/2010

Instore Bakeries Selling Loaves Made with 100% British Flour   Full Story >>

Culling Calves - 05/03/2010

A Persistent Evil in the Workings of the Dairy/Beef/Veal Industry   Full Story >>

Nanotechnology in Foodstuffs, Packaging, and Equipment - 05/03/2010

Still Not in Commercial Use in the UK   Full Story >>

The Fats are Under Fire - 03/03/2010

The Food Standards Agency faces fusillades over Satfats   Full Story >>

Pigging Out on Confusion, Codes, and Porky Pies - 03/03/2010

The RSPCA is calling for a review of EU laws on pig production and welfare   Full Story >>

Food Standards Agency Acts on Smokies - 25/02/2010

Persuasions to EU to Accept such Meat to Avert Illicit Profitability   Full Story >>

Allotments and Food Production - 25/02/2010

New Responsibilities on Smallholders and the Treatment of Animals in Food Production   Full Story >>

The Food Standards Agency’s new Operations Group - 24/02/2010

The coming Easter will mark the establishment of the Food Standards Agency’s (FSA’s) new Operations Group   Full Story >>

Vets Impose Restrictions on the Organic Happy Pig Farm in Sussex - 24/02/2010

An organic pork firm has been forced to put down 3 pigs on its premises, after investigations by authorities into animal welfare concerns.   Full Story >>

Raid on Kosher Meat Plant after Tip-off - 24/02/2010

Allegations of Illegal Employment   Full Story >>

Food for Change - 23/02/2010

Letter to the Times   Full Story >>

Gas or Electricity – Which is the better to cook with? - 19/02/2010

There are Common Risks of Overheating. Beware!   Full Story >>

Counting Dogs and Cats – and Us - 18/02/2010

Populations as Fillers of Society   Full Story >>

A New Dairy-free Milk from Indonesia - 15/02/2010

A new coconut milk is promising to shake up the dairy-free market   Full Story >>

United Condemnation of Trans-Fats - Understanding of Technical Terms - 04/02/2010

Leading doctors are demanding a ban on the use of man-made fats   Full Story >>

Home-grown Strawberries or Outspan Oranges for Breakfast? - 04/02/2010

A report on school catering and the contents of lunch boxes yielded some appalling results   Full Story >>

Choices of Food for the Health of Consumer and Wellbeing of the Plant - 17/12/2009

Letter to the Guardian - 14th December 2009 (which wasn't published)   Full Story >>

Ignorance That Needs No Second Opinion - 16/12/2009

Letter to the Grocer   Full Story >>

Tesco and the Food Standards Agency call in Surrey Police over - 02/11/2009

Allegations of Fraud at Slaughterhouse in Guildford, Surrey   Full Story >>

Give Up Meat To Save The Planet - 02/11/2009

Front page of Times says - give up meat to reduce climate change   Full Story >>

Breaches of Free Trade Rules in Exports into EU of Poultry from the USA - 02/11/2009

A Dispute for Adjutication by the World Trade Organization   Full Story >>

Suffocation Causes “Immense Suffering” and 136,000 Deaths - 29/10/2009

After Break-in at a Poultry Farm near Edinburgh   Full Story >>

Kinder Pleasures in the Derbyshire Peak District - 26/10/2009

The famous heather plateau of Kinder Scout has been made a national nature reserve.   Full Story >>

Will There be Any Land Left for Sustainable Farming in England? - 26/10/2009

VEGA Looks at the Options for People and Wildlife   Full Story >>

World Food Day Is Today (Friday October 16th) - 16/10/2009

As a Grace before What we are About to Receive, we offer some exemplary Eating Plans from our Portfolio of menus and recipes   Full Story >>

Fat, Vitamin D, Fish and the Brain - 02/10/2009

Letter to the Times   Full Story >>

Eschewing the Facts - 07/09/2009

Letter to the Editor, Guardian Weekend   Full Story >>

Hygiene and “Waste” in the Food Industry - 27/08/2009

The Fat’s in the Fire after the Surgeon’s Work Too   Full Story >>

Slaughterhouse at Guildford Pleads Guilty to Pollution Offences - 27/08/2009

Thames Water’s Prosecution Wins Hefty Fines and Costs   Full Story >>

Legionnaire’s Disease at a Butchery in Preston, Lancs. - 27/08/2009

Two Workers “Seriously ill.” Firm Fined £25,000 with £20,000 Costs   Full Story >>

Making Lunch Boxes Meat ‘n’ Dairy Free - 18/08/2009

Healthy Options, Environmentally and Socially Sound   Full Story >>

News for Nutters. Not all a Load of Cobblers. - 13/08/2009

A Bulletin Arrives from Britain’s Chief Nutter.   Full Story >>

Bang! Bang! It’s the Glorious Twelfth Again Bang! Bang! - 11/08/2009

Tories in their Butts, Lords in their Barbour’s, Beaters Serving the Guns The Battle of Britain with Peasants, Pheasants, and the Landed Gentry
Bankers with the Bonuses and their Early Retirements…..No Ifs and Buts in VEGA’s Stance: Lay Down the Guns!   Full Story >>

Beer or Bread: Ingredients or Processing Aids? - 11/08/2009

Froth and Fermentation in Real Foods   Full Story >>

Grapes of Wrath over some Breakfast Cereals - 07/08/2009

Grape-nuts are “a high-fibre, low-fat cereal made from crunchy wheat and malted barley.”   Full Story >>

It’s Here and Now – Soya Undercuts Cow Milks - 07/08/2009

It’s really true: cartons of UHT soya milks are selling in some supermarkets at less than comparable cow-milks in the same stores.    Full Story >>

VEGA prepares for the Big Lunch - 17/07/2009

Try some of our recipes for the Big Lunch this Sunday   Full Story >>

Let's Go Down To The Sea Again - 26/06/2009

To the Vitamins and Minerals in an Overflowing Cornucopia of "Weeds"   Full Story >>

Who We are Not - 17/06/2009

Confusion Among the Star Struck - Inbred Reality - We are Being Robbed of our Identity and Purpose   Full Story >>

Corporate and Individual Denials at the Fleshpots - 16/06/2009

Eating Plans to Save Us and the Planet - Are Our Experts Practising What They Preach?   Full Story >>

FSA's Future Strategy - 10/06/2009

Vega responds to a Food Standards Agency Consultation   Full Story >>

"It's Going to Buggery" - 05/06/2009

Can The Meat Industry Survive the Threats of Bacterial and Viral Diseases?   Full Story >>

Gamekeeper at Balmoral Faces Trial over Snares - 29/05/2009

One of the Queen's gamekeepers at Balmoral is being prosecuted for wildlife offences   Full Story >>

Preaching the Obvious in the Woes of the Meat Industry - 29/05/2009

Focus on Wales   Full Story >>

Egg Sales Are Not Yoked to Recession in the UK - 29/05/2009

Free Range and Caged (Battery) plus Barn Now About Equal   Full Story >>

Meat Trader Threatens Civil Disobence in Scotland - 29/05/2009

The Industry Faces the Chop over Standards and Inspections   Full Story >>

Hospitality in Common for those "Special Dietary Requirements" - 29/05/2009

Rising to Challenges in Attitudes in Modern Food and Catering   Full Story >>

Sandwiches Short on Fillings - 18/05/2009

VEGA Introduces New Ideas in its Portfolio   Full Story >>

Animal Magic - 18/05/2009

What do the Other Animals know that we Don't?   Full Story >>

An EU Row over Possible Carriage of Blue Tongue Virus - 15/05/2009

Regulations Must be Tightened   Full Story >>

The Food Standards Agency is Getting Tough on Meat Inspection - 15/05/2009

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) is calling for meat inspections to be "much tougher".   Full Story >>

Come On Brum! - 15/05/2009

Lead with a Day of Disgust at the Butchery in the City   Full Story >>

The Meat Industy's Woes Intensify - Outlook Unsettled - 06/05/2009

“The economic downturn is dwarfing all other issues for the meat sector,” stated Richard Brown, a consultant with GIRA.   Full Story >>

Deadication to the Costing of Killing and Butchery - 06/05/2009

Ask Fred – Fred’ll Fix it is the monthly advice page published in the Meat Trades Journal Extra.   Full Story >>

A Model Employee in a Cut Throat Business - Beauty with Cruelty - 06/05/2009

“A long-legged blue-eyed former catwalk model from Germany, Nina Schubert, aged 25, got bored of the model lifestyle of fashion shows in Paris, London, Milan and New York, and is now eager to take on new trades,”   Full Story >>

Morrissey Walks Off Mid-Performance - 06/05/2009

Former front-man of the Smiths, Morrissey, walked off mid-performance at the Coachella Festival in California, because “he caught a whiff of a nearby barbecue.   Full Story >>

St. George's Day, Shakespeare's Birthday and Salad Days - 21/04/2009

These are our salad days, when we are green in judgment (but not, here in VEGA, behind our ears)   Full Story >>

Special Notice - 15/04/2009

Any Questions this Friday with Giles Coren   Full Story >>

Parliamentary Inquiry on Global Food Security - 31/03/2009
VEGA responds to a Parliamentary Inquiry into the UK's Role in Tackling the Challenge of Global Food Security   Full Story >>
FSA's Advice on Fish Consumption - 31/03/2009
VEGA responds to an FSA consultation on advice on fish consumption   Full Story >>
Crying Over Spilt Blood - 28/03/2009
Leakage of Blood from a Slaughterhouse   Full Story >>
Warnings on Doner Kebabs - 27/03/2009
Shame on the Sheep Industry for its Complicity in Objectionable Foods   Full Story >>
An Icon for Mothering Sunday - 09/03/2009
The Price of Cheap Milk   Full Story >>
Going With The Grains - 07/03/2009
Developments in Crops and Technology   Full Story >>
Fishy Tales and Politics - 05/03/2009
Should Close Seasons for Spawning Fish be Observed?   Full Story >>
Bent on Lent - Russia Starts With Porridge - 03/03/2009
Dire Health Statistics Prompt Archiepiscopal Austerity   Full Story >>
How Will You Observe, Lent, Vicar? - 01/03/2009
What better way to celebrate Lent than with lentils?   Full Story >>
Will EU School Milk Scheme Include Non-Dairy? - 13/02/2009
VEGA responds to a Defra consultation on implementation of the EU School Milk Scheme.   Full Story >>
Evolving Respect for All of 'God's Creatures' - 12/02/2009
Letter to the Times   Full Story >>
Try the Milk of Human Kindness Instead - 09/02/2009
Letter to the Independent on Sunday   Full Story >>
History Repeats Itself - 06/02/2009
Questions Children Ask Parents and Teachers: Granny, did we have Smarties when food was rationed in World War 2? Mummy, did you, Daddy, and I eat beef during BSE?   Full Story >>
Celebrating Burns Night Gracefully and Joyfully - 23/01/2009
We have found an excellent vegan version of the haggis which is not only healthier than the original, it tastes a lot better too.   Full Story >>
Turning Biomass and Waste into Manufacturing Commodities - 23/01/2009
The British Government has recognized in its Manufacturing Strategy for 2008 that "the UK can be a world leader in manufacturing solutions for a low carbon economy"   Full Story >>
Gordon's Canny Winter Warmer - 16/01/2009
We send our suggested recipe to Mrs Brown at Number 10   Full Story >>
Resolution, Reform, and Recovery Begin in Earnest - 30/12/2008
After End of Year Repasts come New Year Plans for Good Grub   Full Story >>
Europe is Moving to a Ban on Religious Ritual Slaughtering - 09/12/2008
Production of halal and kosher meat can be made less cruel, vets say   Full Story >>
The Penalty of Pig Ignorance - 08/12/2008
The Irish Crisis Tells of More Harm from the Meat Industry   Full Story >>
A Hajjiography - 05/12/2008
Religion’s Biggest Pilgrimage, Congregation, and Slaughterhouse – Starting Now   Full Story >>
Why Don't You Come to Open Meetings of the Food Standards Agency’s Board? - 05/12/2008
The next Meeting is in London on Wednesday Afternoon, 10th December 2008   Full Story >>
Stuffing the Turkey for Good - 05/12/2008
Striking a Balance in Industrial Relations   Full Story >>
Vegalicious Pick-me-ups for Busy Veggies from Tesco. Discounts from the Times - 02/12/2008
Pick Me, a new range of prepared meals that "puts healthy food on your plate in minutes".   Full Story >>
The Shame of Milk Production - Dropped Udders Damn Dairying - 01/12/2008
A case of all-to-frequently observed acute mastitis, with "enlarged supramammary lymph nodes" is the first letter in the latest issue of the Veterinary Record   Full Story >>
Will this Christmas be Meat-Free? - 28/11/2008
The Meat Hygiene Service Faces Threats of Strikes   Full Story >>
Former Head of NFU Wales Fined - 05/11/2008
Former Welsh NFU president admits breaches of the Animal Welfare Act   Full Story >>
Soya Drives Dairy-free Category - 05/11/2008
Dairy-free is becoming a well-recognized category in the grocery market; meat-free is another and VEGA is now aiming at the cruelty-free label   Full Story >>
It's World Food Day 2008 on Thursday - 14/10/2008
What a lot we owe to our Beans   Full Story >>
Food Security in a Changing World - 18/09/2008
VEGA responds to a Defra consultation on 'Ensuring the UK's Food Security in a Changing World'   Full Story >>
Olives from British Groves - 12/09/2008
A chance seedling, discovered in France 20 years ago, was found to be unusually hardy...   Full Story >>
Masanobu Fukuoka Dies - 12/09/2008
An exemplar of natural farming in the world   Full Story >>
Consultation on the Enforcement of REACH - 02/09/2008
VEGA responds to a Defra consultation on the enforcement of REACH in the UK   Full Story >>
'Health Check' on the EU Common Agricultural Policy - 02/09/2008
VEGA responds to a Defra consultation on proposals for a 'Health Check' of the CAP.   Full Story >>
Delivering a Foretaste of Freshers' Fare at Uni - 02/09/2008
Catering and the service industry are having to pay more attention to special needs in procurement and provision of foods in institutions.   Full Story >>
Stuff the Turkey for Good This Christmas (and Thanksgiving)! - 27/08/2008
Start the New Year resolutely cruelty-free   Full Story >>
The Beginnings of Food Processing - 27/08/2008
Controlled cooking and food processing distinguish our species, but the origins of these practices still raise historical questions.   Full Story >>
Anti-malarial Herbals - 27/08/2008
Send some seeds of a common garden plant   Full Story >>
Chef's Hygiene Blow - 27/08/2008
Food inspectors have condemned as unhygienic a delicatessen run by James Martin.   Full Story >>
Are Shooting and Fishing Fit Hobbies for Judges? - 27/08/2008
An “Animal Rights Activist” appeals against his sentence and conviction   Full Story >>
Aquaculture and Fishing for Compliments - 22/08/2008
Swindling over records of marine catches and stocks   Full Story >>
Time to Think of Ordering Cob-nuts from Kent and East Sussex - 22/08/2008
Last year’s fine weather blessed organic growers in the traditional cultivation of cobnuts in the Kent and East Sussex with wonderful crops.   Full Story >>
Nutrigenomics and Research on Fatty Acids - 22/08/2008
FSA links omega 3 consumption to low cardiovascular risk   Full Story >>
Electricity From the Sea - 18/08/2008
Turbines harness power of tidal flows   Full Story >>
Is There a Future for the British Farmer? - 18/08/2008
Sustainability and all that   Full Story >>
Trespassers and Hunting - 15/08/2008
Whose Territory is it Anyway?   Full Story >>
Is This Vainglorious Grousing This Year on the Moors? - 12/08/2008
What are the uplands for?   Full Story >>
Beef and Veal Labelling - 30/07/2008
VEGA responds to a Defra nonsultation on The Beef and Veal Labelling Regulations 2008   Full Story >>
Who Insists on Cutting Animals' Throats Without Prior Stunning? - 30/07/2008
Ritual slaughter increases political will   Full Story >>
Testing, Testing, Testing... - 29/07/2008
Experiments in Immediate Benefit in Animals’ Welfare   Full Story >>
No Preserving the Porky Pies - 28/07/2008
Salt reduction targets on cured meats, ham, and bacon come up against industry opposition   Full Story >>
Subsidies to the meat industry to be cut - 23/07/2008
Reductions of current subsidies to the meat industry have been agreed by the Food Standards Agency   Full Story >>
Unsafe Water Supplies in the Midlands - 01/07/2008
Routine tests last week found contamination of Anglian Water supplies with traces of the cryptosporidia   Full Story >>
Letter to The Grocer - 01/07/2008
Comment on Paul McCartney's call for meat-free Mondays   Full Story >>
Consulation on BSE Regulations - 27/06/2008
VEGA comments on a Defra consultaion on the proposed Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathies Regulations 2008   Full Story >>
Draft Marine Bill - 27/06/2008
VEGA supports the draft Marine Bill in a Defra consultation   Full Story >>
Vegan Girl, 12, has "spine of 80-year-old" - 10/06/2008
Shock as Vegan Diet Girl, 12, Diagnosed with Rickets   Full Story >>
Sustainable development in policy making - 05/06/2008
Vega responds to an FSA consultation on sustainable development   Full Story >>
Branston's in a Pickle - 28/05/2008
A Dollop of Source from their Consumer Services Department   Full Story >>
Dairy-Free Labels for Catering Establishments - 20/05/2008
We are distributing dairy-free labels to meet the rapidly increasing demand for dairy-free alternatives.   Full Story >>
What Makes Life Worth Living? It Depends on the Liver. But Not in Chicago - 20/05/2008
Chicago repeals a 2 year restaurant ban on foie gras.   Full Story >>
Equality at The Food Standards Agency - 13/05/2008
VEGA comments on Food Standards Agency's Race Equality and Gender Equality Schemes   Full Story >>
Provision of food information to consumers - 07/05/2008
VEGA responds to an FSA consultation on a proposal for a new regulation on the provision of food information to consumers   Full Story >>
Cost recovery for CITES licences - 07/05/2008
VEGA responds to a Defra consultation on introducing a full cost recovery charging regime for CITES licences   Full Story >>
Restocking Britain's Waterways with Funny Fish - 06/05/2008
Tricks to Increase Anglers’ Catches   Full Story >>
NMES Spells Dire Consequences for Scottish Children - 06/05/2008
They Are too Fond of their Sweeties   Full Story >>
Genes and the UK's Fatties - 06/05/2008
A Problem Besetting Indian-Origin Brits Most Severely   Full Story >>
Taiwan Tackles Labelling for Veggie-style Foods - 06/05/2008
Practices for Chinese Eateries to Adopt and Improve on in the UK   Full Story >>
Pigging Out in British Food Supplies - 30/04/2008
Effects on Farm Animal Welfare   Full Story >>
Environmental; Engagement; Control of the Green Agenda - 29/04/2008
The Editor of the Meat Trades Journal Sounds Warnings
Environment and meat consumption - 2 subjects intertwined   Full Story >>
Trading Standards Officers Withhold "Huge" Fines on Meat Trade - 29/04/2008
Survey finds “a third of meat labelled wrongly”   Full Story >>
Eirlys Rhiwen Cadwaladr Roberts - 29/04/2008
Which? Craft’s First Broom made a Clean Sweep in Consumerism   Full Story >>
Passover Recipe - 24/04/2008
A Black Eyed Peas, Spinach and Lemon Recipe for Sephardic Jews for Passover, and for anyone to enjoy at any time.   Full Story >>
Replace Animal Tests - 23/04/2008
VEGA responds to an FSA consultation.   Full Story >>
Nutrition labelling of foodstuffs - 21/04/2008
Vega's response to an FSA consultation on labelling of fibre and added nutrients   Full Story >>
Cost Sharing for Animal Health and Welfare - 16/04/2008
Vega responds to a DEFRA consultation on responsibility and cost sharing for animal health and welfare.   Full Story >>
Subsidizing the Meat Industry and its Dirty Deeds - 11/04/2008
The Meat Hygiene Service moves to reduce costs   Full Story >>
How to Eat Less Meat and Dairy and Live Better - 10/04/2008
A Petition from VEGA presented to an Open Meeting of the FSA Board, in London on Thursday, 10th April.   Full Story >>
Mad as March Hares. Is their Seasonal Display Doomed? - 17/03/2008
Do They Need More Protection from Human Depredations?   Full Story >>
Let’s Keep Lent Longer - 17/03/2008
VEGA writes to the Archbishop of Canterbury appealing for reductions in the consumption of meat and dairy products for the benefits of the world at large.   Full Story >>
Scores on Doors - 17/03/2008
Restaurants urged to put hygiene rating on their doors   Full Story >>
Cheap Cuts for Catering Meats - 17/03/2008
Beef from dairy cows, especially the forequarters, was traditionally regarded as fit only for manufacturing purposes and lower-quality mince-meat...   Full Story >>
Dispute Over Halal Meat - 07/03/2008
Confusing Schools of Thought and Practice for Oxford Parents.   Full Story >>
Unholy Harvests in Sabbatical Years - 04/03/2008
New Thinking on Archaic Jewish Farming Practices   Full Story >>
Parents Say No to Halal School Dinners - 03/03/2008
An Oxford primary school introduced halal meat to the school dinner menu in September last year as part of its inclusion policy, but failed to inform parents of the move...   Full Story >>
Cares for Snares. Let’s Get Them Banned - 27/02/2008
Tougher regulations on the use of snares, but no outright ban were announced by Mike Russell, the Scottish environment minister last Wednesday.   Full Story >>
Shouldn’t the RSPCA be advocating vegetarianism? - 25/02/2008
Yes! Yes! is the Answer. But Hasn’t the Matter been raised Before?...

The answer is Yes… and with Feeling. Read On!   Full Story >>
Downer Cows, Milk, Cruelty and Health Risks - 22/02/2008
Unprecedented “Recall” of US Beef, Most Already Eaten

Appalling evidence of cruelty in a big slaughterhouse (“packing plant”) has been adduced in undercover evidence obtained by the Humane Society of the USA (HSUS).   Full Story >>
Kosher Complicity in Cruel Slaughter - 22/02/2008
In recent years kosher meat producers have been exploiting climates and pastures in South America as sources of cheap meat...   Full Story >>
Warnings to Salmon Fishermen and Consumers of Underprocessed Fish - 19/02/2008
An increase in parasite infestations in popular angling waters is prompting official warnings to anglers of the possible deadliness of their catches, eating of which may cause heart and lung problems....   Full Story >>
Lord Haskins Urges Radical Solutions on the Meat Industry - 19/02/2008
Speaking at the annual City Food Hall lecture, Lord Haskins has suggested that the only high ethical food ground, in the long run is the vegetarian one...   Full Story >>
Is Kosher Kinder? - 18/02/2008
“Anyone who knows the halachah realizes that the welfare of animals is a basic tenet of Judaism. Yet intensively – reared chickens are not only declared kosher but are practically the only birds available to the kosher consumer”...   Full Story >>
Grouse More for the Sake of our Green and Pleasant Land - 13/02/2008
Three gamekeepers admitted last week that they had used baited traps to catch protected birds of prey that might attack grouse and partridges on an estate in North Yorkshire.   Full Story >>
Valentine's Fare for Green Lovers - 12/02/2008
Charm your loved one this Valentine's Day with food of love; sweet herbs (lovage, sweet cicely, rosemary), love apples (tomatoes), avocado, asparagus hearts, a bed of rice and delicious chocolate brownies.   Full Story >>
Routine Mutilations of Animals - 07/02/2008
VEGA comments on a DEFRA consultation on Mutilations Regulations.   Full Story >>
Everything But The Squeal... - 05/02/2008
But Who’s for Some of the Nasties in the Rasher?   Full Story >>
Gamesmanship - 04/02/2008
Huntin’, Shootin’, Fishin’ or Games with Political Aims.   Full Story >>
Bored with Pheasants? Now Let’s Hunt and Shoot Boar - 28/01/2008
Big-game hunting with gunmen paying £550 a piece to shoot captive “wild” boar on a country estate is a new development in “sports”...   Full Story >>
Kosher Food Establishments Have Something to Declare - 28/01/2008
Like many others they should display results and ratings of inspections.   Full Story >>
What is Fresh, Pure, Natural Food? - 22/01/2008
VEGA comments on an FSA consultation on food labelling...   Full Story >>
VION - A New Name for Veggies as the Meat Industry Diversifies - 22/01/2008
A significant newcomer into the meat-free veggy market – and possibly dairy-free too – is growing...   Full Story >>
Raising Overworked Cows' Work Load? - 17/01/2008
VEGA comments on a DEFRA consultation on A proposal for two per cent increase to milk quotas from 2008   Full Story >>
New Angles in Salmon Stocks on the Overfished River Tay - 16/01/2008
While animal welfarists and environmentalists must appreciate the global aspects of commercial fishing for food and household goods (and this concern embraces sea-mammals such as whales and seals), there are matters closer to home that we must face...   Full Story >>
Illness from Sainsbury’s Turkeys Sold in London - 14/01/2008
A Sainsbury’s local store manager offered a customer £20 to “pay for medication” when she complained that turkey sold past its use-by-date had made her feel ill...   Full Story >>
Landowner’s EU Grant Cut - 11/01/2008
Gamekeeper Tried to Kill Birds of Prey
Environment Minister calls for More Action

Hard upon our call for urgency in augmenting the powers given in anti-hunting legislation with bans on game-shooting...   Full Story >>
This Fish is Not for Coarse Angling - 11/01/2008
Come June Jimmie and Penny Hepburn expect to sell 2000 carp from the 17 spring-fed ponds at their home in Devon...   Full Story >>
Is the RSPCA Going Veggy? - 10/01/2008
After several attempts to get this letter published in the Independent, we eventually got a refusal and are now publishing it on our website.   Full Story >>
After Hunting. Coarse Fishing and Commercial Shoots are Fair Game - 07/01/2008
Boxing Day 2007 was an appropriate occasion for reviewers of farming, environmental, and animal welfare issues to ponder...   Full Story >>
Fat Hope for Declining Dairy Industry - 02/01/2008
New Year’s Day opened with what the Times Consumer Editor hails as hope for milk producers as the EU relaxes rules; and, elliptically, “experts say change will help tackle obesity”. This must be enough to ruin the veggies’ first cup of tea in 2008.   Full Story >>
TV Batters Meat - Tune in Next Week - 02/01/2008
Watch out for next week’s bloody TV onslaught on the meat industry.   Full Story >>
FSA Consultation on Food Labelling Guidance on Country of Origin - 24/12/2007
VEGA reponds to the consultation on revision of Food Standards Agency food labelling guidance on country of origin.   Full Story >>
Impact of Fishing on Biodiversity in Lyme Bay - 24/12/2007
VEGA's response to a consultation on measures to protect marine biodiversity interests in Lyme Bay from the impact of fishing with dredges and other towed gear.   Full Story >>
Soya. Too Cowed to Ask? - 28/11/2007
Distinguishing Alternative Milks at the Servery
  Full Story >>
Thanksgiving Portfolio Meal - 22/11/2007
Enjoy this week's Portfolio Thanksgiving celebration with Seitan stuffed squash as a main course and pumpkin pie as dessert.   Full Story >>
Water Pollution from Agriculture - 21/11/2007
VEGA responds to a Defra consultation on diffuse sources of water pollution from agriculture   Full Story >>
Double tagging of sheep and goats - 21/11/2007
VEGA responds to a Defra consultation on the double tagging of sheep and goats   Full Story >>
Review of Control of Trade in Endangered Species regulations - 16/10/2007
VEGA Comments on a Defra consultation on review of CITES regulations regarding points of import / export of endangered species.   Full Story >>
Chicken Run on Road. Scotland Gridlocked. - 15/10/2007
Chickens made a bid for freedom yesterday when a lorry they were travelling in crashed on the A80.   Full Story >>
Daughter of Gummer Family Friend Dies from vCJD - 15/10/2007
Elizabeth Smith died on 4th October, aged 23. She was a victim – the 162nd – to die from vCJD, most of whom died as a result of eating infected meat in the 1980s   Full Story >>
World Food Day Recipe - The New English Breakfast - 11/10/2007
World Food Day was established by FAO in 1979.   Full Story >>
The Anti-Hunting Act Must Survive Elections Unscathed - 10/10/2007
The House of Lords will be ruling this Wednesday, 10th October on a human rights claim on the ban in the UK on fox hunting...   Full Story >>
Changes in Bird Flu Bode Ill - 09/10/2007
Playing political games with spatchcocked policies and the wobbly statistics of bouncing polls serve the public ill when the environment is threatened with the severe consequences of zoonotic diseases...   Full Story >>
Animal Cloning in Food Supply - 04/10/2007
VEGA comments on a European consultation   Full Story >>
VEGA Comments on Air Freight and Organic Food - 01/10/2007
Soil Association consultation and VEGA's response.   Full Story >>
VEGA Comments on Wildlife Wellbeing - 01/10/2007
DEFRA consultation on Wildlife Health Strategy for England.   Full Story >>
VEGA Comments on FSA Consultation on Food Sold Loose - 26/09/2007
Consultation on consumer information on foods sold loose in for example delicatessen counters, markets and catering establishments.   Full Story >>
Economics and Farm Animal Welfare - 17/09/2007
The Farm Animal Welfare Council's Working Group study economics and farm animal welfare, i.e. the interactions between the economics of livestock production and animal welfare in the UK...   Full Story >>
Butcher Bugs Church in Lancashire for Business - 14/09/2007
A Lancashire Methodist Church may be entering a new incarnation in the planning department bestows its benediction. The church is at Catforth in Lancashire and Michael Clarke, who has bought it, is awaiting approval for his application to use the church for meat processing and offices...   Full Story >>
Freshers' Fare Special - 13/09/2007
In the next few weeks Freshers’ fayres will be taking place at universities across the UK, introducing new students to their university, sports clubs, societies and local businesses. Student life can be hectic, with lectures all day and studying and socialising in the evening. Good food keeps your energy up and keeps you healthy. This week's recipe is a tasty and healthy meal which is cheap and easy to make.   Full Story >>
Danger Lurking in School Meals. Children Poisoned. Guilty Butcher Sentenced. - 12/09/2007
A long-established family butcher who was responsible for food-poisoning that killed a 5-year-old boy and infected 100 other children was sentenced on 07 September 2007 to jail for 12 months...   Full Story >>
VEGA Comments on Food Labelling - 03/09/2007
VEGA comments on an FSA consultation on Food Labelling - Declaration of Allergens   Full Story >>
God Gives the Tunes, The Devil Writes the Words - Something to Die For - 03/09/2007
Solemnizing thanksgiving for the life of Diana, Princess of Wales, last week opened with the introit O Lamb of God that takest away the sins of the world, grant them rest, and proceeded, perhaps sheepishly, to the second hymn, the ever-useful 23rd Psalm...   Full Story >>
“Maggot Pete” Jumped Bail 4 Years Ago. Returns to 5 Years’ Trial - 03/09/2007
A business man who fled Britain after supplying the food chain with infested meat has been imprisoned after a Europe-wide hunt.   Full Story >>
VEGA on FAWC's Policy Instruments for Improving Animal Welfare - 31/08/2007
VEGA comments on an FAWC consultation...   Full Story >>
Savouring Our Salad Days. Food Writers in the Soup - 30/08/2007
Testing, testing, testing… we are always assessing the weekly recipes for inclusion in our contributions to the Portfolio of eating plans to give tasty effect to the expert advice...   Full Story >>
VEGA Comments on Food Skills and Knowledge for Young People - 23/08/2007
VEGA comments on an FSA consultation   Full Story >>
Water, Food, Leisure. Bacteria, Viruses, Attack - 16/08/2007
E. Coli O157 has claimed another death and two other people are seriously ill after an outbreak of food poisoning linked to delicatessen counters at two branches of Morrisons supermarket in Paisley.   Full Story >>
Carbon Emissions Reduction - 15/08/2007
VEGA comments on a Carbon Emissions Consultation.   Full Story >>
The 5Fs: Facts, Figures, Farming, Food, Future - 14/08/2007
“The current de facto import ban on corn gluten feed will add £60-90m to the feed costs of EU livestock farmers at a time when feed grains are already at record prices”...   Full Story >>
Challenging Big Pharma is Kids’ Stuff to Anzacs. GSK Surrender over Ribena - 13/08/2007
GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), one of the biggest food and drugs companies, has been fined NZ$ 227,500 (£83,333) for making misleading claims over vitamin C levels in Ribena...   Full Story >>
Halal, Haram, Kosher – Religious Words With Commercial Clout - 09/08/2007
Vegetarians need to compare their performance in the food market with the Muslims’...   Full Story >>
Illegal Importation of Meats Still Goes On - 08/08/2007
DEFRA reports that British Customs are seizing more illegal meat imports than ever before.   Full Story >>
Auditing Bovine CO2 Emissions - 08/08/2007
Production of 1kg of beef creates more greenhouse gas emissions than motoring for 3 hours while leaving the lights on at home, according to a new study conducted in Japan.   Full Story >>
Meats for School Meals - 08/08/2007
Next month revised standards for school lunches, as well as standards for non-lunch food provision, are to be introduced.   Full Story >>
India’s Farming Plans and Traditions - 30/07/2007
A Londoner’s Impressions While Shopping Down the Ealing Road

Structural changes in food consumption and nutritional intake from livestock products in India receive a review from Assistant Professor Jabir Ali of the Agriculture Management Centre at the Institute of Management at Lucknow...   Full Story >>
Graceless Chickanery - 30/07/2007
Keeping the veggie campaign and message fit for purpose VEGA scans the “better” Sunday papers, among them yesterday’s Sunday Times and the Style magazine that drops out of it.   Full Story >>
Stars - Signs - Celebrity. What the Future Holds for VEGA - 24/07/2007
Light pollution, a frequent reminder of excessive use of fuel and power, obscures night skies for many people in the UK, which also deprives them numinously of one of the joys of living and wonder of appreciation of all the wildlife, trees, and plants and crops affected and even dependent on the hours of darkness...   Full Story >>
VEGA Responds to Glucosamine Consultation - 20/07/2007
VEGA's Response to an ACNFP consultation on a vegetarian glucosamine product   Full Story >>
Farming and Food Going on a Bennder - 17/07/2007
Our explanations of Ethical Shopping, Enlightened Consumerism, and Cruelty-Free Food have hit snags with The Grocer and the RSPCA.   Full Story >>
Who Wants Their Local Slaughterhouse Next Door? - 10/07/2007
Food miles is a concept attracting a lot of critical attention these days, but when the distance is reduced to the NIMBY opposition’s premises real difficulties appear...   Full Story >>
Bird Flu Found Again in Wild Birds in France - 09/07/2007
Several farms in eastern France have been sealed off and the French government has applied tighter rules to poultry breeders since Thursday 05 July 2007 after 3 dead swans tested positive for the virulent H5N1 strain of bird flu.   Full Story >>
Outbreak of Ecoli 0157 in Wales. Butcher Charged. Case Continues… - 09/07/2007
A South Wales butcher has pleaded not guilty in court to charges “in connection with a major E coli outbreak in 2005 which has left one boy dead and 160 people in hospital” (MTJ Extra July 2007). William Tudor, 55, of Cowbridge entered the plea during the first day of a hearing at Newport Crown Court. A trial date has been set for 15 October 2007. The case may run until Christmas.   Full Story >>
Muslim Discontent over Halal Meat - 09/07/2007
Muslims are being urged to boycott meat during July in a campaign demanding an independent organization to monitor halal standards. Abdul Raja, instigator of the campaign, argues that “if Muslims bought no meat each Saturday and Sunday this month halal standards would have to be tightened” (Meat Trades Journal, 06 July 2007). He promises that “this government will take notice: money talks”.   Full Story >>
VEGA Talks Veggie - 02/07/2007
A VEGA member interviewed for a documentary (to be aired) by Joanna Kamath, 2007.   Full Story >>
Go Portfolio with Our Nutritionally Assessed Menus! - 29/06/2007
More than Recipes – They are the Basis of Eating Plans

Nutritional information means much more when assessments are made of complete meals or eating plans rather than for a single ingredient on its own.   Full Story >>
The Long View - 28/06/2007
Ben Bradshaw MP, a DEFRA Minister, “wants us to save the planet by slashing food production”, which means “cutting down on meat and milk and out-of-season veg – rationing that may also improve our health.”   Full Story >>
Echium in food - 26/06/2007
VEGA comments on an ACNFP consultation on echium ingredients in food   Full Story >>
Cooking: Chookful of Crassness and Cockups - 25/06/2007
VEGA examines the Independent on Sunday’s tasteless 'Living Food' section   Full Story >>
Midsummer Mementos 2007 - 22/06/2007
A total of 112 food safety incidents were reported to the Food Standards Agency in May 2007   Full Story >>
Life Expectancy of the Dairy Cow - 20/06/2007
VEGA's comments to the FAWC consultation FAWC Opinion on the Life Expectancy of the Dairy Cow.   Full Story >>
Consultation on Saturated Fat and Energy Intake - 19/06/2007
VEGA's response to the FSA consultation on the Draft Saturated Fat and Energy Intake Programme   Full Story >>
EC Review of Animal By-products Regulation EC1774/2002 - 18/06/2007
VEGAs response to the EU Commission's review of regulations on animal by-products   Full Story >>
Draft Climate Change Bill - 13/06/2007
VEGA comments on a draft climage change bill   Full Story >>
Revision of Council Directive on Nutritional Labelling on Foodstuffs - 11/06/2007
VEGA comments on a FSA consultation.   Full Story >>
Nutritionist for nutritional labelling - 11/06/2007
In line with a FSA consultation on Revision of Council Directive 90/496/EEC on the Nutritional Labelling of Foodstuffs, dated 14 May and with deadline today, VEGA is looking at options for adding nutritional information to our recipes...   Full Story >>
Reform of EU Fruit and Vegetable Regime - 11/06/2007
VEGA Responds to a recent DEFRA Consultation   Full Story >>
FAWC Opinion on the Welfare of Farmed Gamebirds - 11/06/2007
VEGA's response to the Farm Animal Welfare Committee's consultation on the welfare of farmed gamebirds   Full Story >>
VEGA Responds to DEFRA consultation on a Marine Bill - 11/06/2007
Congratulations are due to DEFRA for launching a Bill and embarking on a Sea of Change   Full Story >>
New Health Food Superstore in Kensington, London - 05/06/2007
Whole Foods Market is opening its first UK store on High Street Kensington this Wednesday (6th June 2007). A launch party took place for press and others invited yesterday evening.   Full Story >>
More Trouble for Katsouris’ Food Plants - 04/06/2007
Food factories that have “blighted the lives of people living nearby for years with the stench of ‘hot sick’ and onions could be sued by residents” (Sickened by smells from food plants, Ealing Gazette 01 June 2007). The name of Katsouris is already in bad odor after recalls of products such as houmous suspected of being contaminated with salmonella, which has prompted a rigorous investigation by Tesco of a factory that has been supplying several supermarkets.   Full Story >>
VEGA on REACH - 04/06/2007
VEGA comments on a DEFRA consultation on the enforcement of REACH in the UK.   Full Story >>
Labelling on Eggs - 31/05/2007
VEGA comments on a DEFRA consultation on Eggs and Chicks   Full Story >>
News Round Up at Wet and Windy Whitsun - 31/05/2007
We review some current topics that have engaged VEGA over recent weeks   Full Story >>
Whey Out For Cheesytarians - 29/05/2007
VEGA responds to the Mars fiasco...   Full Story >>
Watch for More Defence for Industrialised Killing - 01/05/2007
Another TV Programme on Farming Production and Demand   Full Story >>
Greening Up the Political Field – or Not? - 30/04/2007
Farming, food, health, and the environment are now hot topics with a political importance exceeding anything before   Full Story >>
Easter Message by the Slovenian President Dr Janez Drnovšek - 20/04/2007
Dr Drnovšek calls for Slovenians to celebrate Easter without the traditional ham.   Full Story >>
VEGA Comments on DEFRA Dairy Consultation - 20/04/2007
DEFRA consultation on proposed package of measures relating to the dairy sector.   Full Story >>
Ray Barber – An Exemplary Animal Welfarist - 16/04/2007
Ray Barber has died. Ray and Sheila, his wife, who survives him, deserve special praise from campaigners in the veggy cause. They were farmers who withdrew from the dairy/meat/veal industry, because they refused further complicity in cruel processes of exploiting animals for milk and meat.   Full Story >>
Challenging Big Pharma is Kids’ Stuff to Anzacs. GSK Surrender over Ribena - 05/04/2007
GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), one of the biggest food and drugs companies, has been fined NZ$ 227,500 (£83,333) for making misleading claims over vitamin C levels in Ribena. GSK had claimed that Ribena syrup contained 4 times more vitamin C than oranges, but in 2004 two high-school students carried out tests in a science lesson and found that levels of the nutrient in the product were “much lower” (The Grocer 31 March 2007).   Full Story >>
Veggie Customers Muscle up to Morrisons - 04/04/2007
The supermarket has been fined £18,000 for selling a “meat-free” ravioli product that had been wrongly labelled as “suitable for vegetarians”.   Full Story >>
VEGA Responds to DEFRA Consultation on Farmed Animals Regulations - 30/03/2007
Replacement of the Welfare of Farmed Animals Regulations must ensure that real protection is given to all animals on farms.   Full Story >>
Patient got Listeria from Sandwich - Update on Sandwich Recall - 29/03/2007
A hospital patient caught listeria from contaminated sandwiches sold in hospitals, the Times reports on the 27th March.   Full Story >>
Cancer Risk in Long Grain Rice - 27/03/2007
High levels of arsenic, something which can increase the risk of cancer, has been found in long grain rice.   Full Story >>
VEGA Makes a Stand for Animal Welfare - 21/03/2007
VEGA comments on a DEFRA consultaion on Animal Welfare Delivery Strategy   Full Story >>
Food Alert - Possible Listeria in Sandwiches - 19/03/2007
The FSA and HPA are alerting consumers that certain sandwiches may have been contaminated with listeria.   Full Story >>
Consultation on Folate Intake of Young Women - 14/03/2007
VEGA comments on an FSA consultation on four possible options designed to increase folate intake of young women.   Full Story >>
Consultation on Responsibility and Cost Sharing for Animal Health and Welfare - 14/03/2007
VEGA comments on a Defra consultation on responsibility and cost sharing for animal health and welfare.   Full Story >>
Education, Environment & Animal Welfare in Guatemala - 13/03/2007
A VEGA employee went to Guatemala for a month to work with a local school in Panajachel teaching about the environment and animal welfare.
  Full Story >>
Kill it, Eat it, Cook it - UK TV programme tonight - 06/03/2007
Tonight is the 2nd programme in the series Kill it, Eat it, Cook it.   Full Story >>
Suspension of Approvals for fungicides containing tolylfluanid - 01/03/2007
Immediate Suspension of Approvals for fungicides containing tolylfluanid, product names 'Elvaron Multi' (M11422) and 'Talat' (11311).   Full Story >>
Make Your Own Houmous Dip - 27/02/2007
Following recent Houmous recalls VEGA gives you a recipe for making your own houmous as well as a recipe for a bean and avocado dip.   Full Story >>
Fishy tales in the Food Industry. Bolder Innovation Needed. - 23/02/2007
Last week’s Lancet published results of research and comment that maternal fish consumption benefits children’s development”. This information requires urgent action in introductions in widely acceptable additions to choices in the British food market.   Full Story >>
Salmonella Warning - Houmous Products Recalled - 19/02/2007
The food manufacturer Bakkavor is recalling a number of houmous products which have been on sale in the UK and the Republic of Ireland, due to salmonella contamination.
  Full Story >>
Cadbury Trebor Bassett recalls Easter chocolate products - 13/02/2007
Cadbury Trebor Bassett has recalled its own brand chocolate Easter products and Cadbury Dairy Milk originals due to cross-contamination with hazelnuts.   Full Story >>
Marks & Spencer recalls sweet and sour chicken - 12/02/2007
Marks & Spencer has recalled a batch of its own brand Sweet and Sour Chicken due to a packaging error.   Full Story >>
The Spider in the Sty. New Film. New Partnership - 06/02/2007
Charlotte's Web is a film, to be released next Friday, contriving an intimate study of a pig and a spider.
  Full Story >>
Doing the Doable. Avian Flu Erupts in East Anglia - 06/02/2007
Snags for Deniers that H5N1 Poses no Threat. Global Warnings... VEGA surveys the latest threats from avian flu and some more positive developments.   Full Story >>
Watercress products withdrawn from sale - 12/01/2007
Soleco UK has withdrawn from sale watercress products, including watercress and spinach, and watercress and rocket mixed salad   Full Story >>
Science Applied to Africa - 12/01/2007
This second instalment of busy activities in September 2006 requires a special bulletin on our week's attendance at the Festival of Science; in particular, one whole day, doing Africa, needs special consideration.   Full Story >>
Update on Kingsmill sliced bread - 22/12/2006
The Food Standards Agency is urging consumers to be vigilant after further suspected cases of malicious tampering at Allied Bakeries’ Orpington plant in Kent. The incidents emerged after customers discovered foreign objects in loaves of Kingsmill sliced bread.   Full Story >>
Nutrition and Food Marketing - Consultation comments - 22/12/2006
FSA consultation The Notification and Marketing of Food for Particular Nutritional Uses   Full Story >>
A VEGA Trustee receives “a small Toucan” - 22/12/2006
of Appreciation and becomes an Absentee Landlord of Brazilian Ecology

The trustee is a longstanding participant in projects aimed at producing alternatives to supplant (!) the evils of the dairy/beef/veal industry. Plant foods for human nutrition offer wonderful opportunities for this humane progress, utilizing leaves, seeds, and pulses directly as foods rather than committing them – in cattle wastefully and environmentally pollutingly – to turning feeds into the white stuff and its derivatives.
  Full Story >>
Recall Notice - Findus Fish Product - 19/12/2006
Crystal violet in Findus fish product.   Full Story >>
Update - Recall notice: Asda, Birds Eye and Sainsbury's frozen meals - 18/12/2006
Following further information received from Asda Stores Ltd, the list of date codes for the affected Asda Stores Ltd products has now been updated. Note that only new date codes are added to the original recall notification.
  Full Story >>
Recall Notice - Co-op's Own-brand Multi Pack Ready Salted Crisps - 18/12/2006
The Co-op has withdrawn all batches of its own-brand multi-pack ready salted and assorted crisps because the ready salted flavour contains casein which isn't declared on the label, making it unsafe for people with a milk allergy or milk intolerance.   Full Story >>
Recall notice: Asda, Birds Eye and Sainsbury's frozen meals - 15/12/2006
Asda, Birds Eye and Sainsbury’s Supermarkets have recalled several own brands of frozen ready-to-eat meals with rice   Full Story >>
Recall Warning - Tesco's Hot Salsa Dip - 14/12/2006
Tesco Stores Ltd recalls its own brand Hot Salsa Dip 300g due to possible glass contamination.   Full Story >>
Warning - Untested OTM heifer enters the food chain - 13/12/2006
An Over Thirty Month old (OTM) heifer has entered the human food chain without being tested for BSE. Testing of bovine animals is mandatory in those intended for human consumption that are over 30 months at slaughter.
  Full Story >>
Soya Benefits All Animals - 11/12/2006
Soya milk sales in grocery multiples are now totalling just on 80 million litres a year, with an average increase over the last five years of about 10% year on year   Full Story >>
Marks & Spencer withdraws Strawberry & Almond crunch - 07/12/2006
Marks & Spencer has withdrawn batches of its own brand Strawberry & Almond Crunch breakfast cereal due to a packing error   Full Story >>
VEGA’s September Festivation in Science at Uni and Other Events - 05/12/2006
First Report. Participation, Activity, Campaigning   Full Story >>
VEGA Comments on an Animal Welfare Legislation - 05/12/2006
Proposed Changes to Animal Welfare Legislation in Northern Ireland   Full Story >>
VEGA comments on a DEFRA consultation - 05/12/2006
Consultation on statutory guidance for Natural England on regional planning and associated matters   Full Story >>
Recall Notice - Tesco's tortilla wraps - 04/12/2006
Tesco Stores Ltd has recalled its own-brand Healthy Living Plain Tortilla Wraps because of the possible presence of small glass fragments.
  Full Story >>
Product Recall - Nature's Table's Hawaiian Mix - 04/12/2006
Cardiff based snacks manufacturer Nature’s Table has recalled certain packs of its 'Hawaiian Mix' 100g due to possible contamination by moth larvae/cocoons.   Full Story >>
VEGA Responds to Consultation on Welfare of Poultry at Slaughter - 30/11/2006
VEGA has responded to the DEFRA consultation on a Code of Practice for the Welfare of Poultry at Slaughter   Full Story >>
Vouchers for Fruit and Veg for Toddlers in Low Income Families - 27/11/2006
Pregnant women and toddlers from low income families will be eligible to receive free fruit and vegetables under a government scheme starting this week.   Full Story >>
Recall notice: Heinz Toddler’s Own Sweet Potato and Beef Casserole - 22/11/2006
Heinz has withdrawn Heinz Toddler’s Own Sweet Potato and Beef Casserole 250g because some packs have been labelled incorrectly.   Full Story >>
Recall Notice - Batchelors' Chicken Flavoired Super Noodles - 21/11/2006
Batchelors has recalled certain batches of Chicken Flavour Super Noodles due to the possible presence of small pieces of hard white plastic in the flavouring sachet.   Full Story >>
Pig Ignorance and Battered Bovine Bravery - 20/11/2006
Purifying language of unedifying metaphors and similes has long exercised welfarists of various persuasions, but the offending statements have achieved a sustainability that surpasses all the efforts of innovators to devise replacements.   Full Story >>
Shame on the Live/Deadstock Industry and Sham Surveillance - 20/11/2006
The Food Standards Agency (FSA) is beet with problems in the dairy, poultry and meat industries involving surveillance of manufacturing practices and assertion of controls. Manufacturers and retailers are seeking relaxations by which they would run their own affairs, reducing the costs and levies they deem excessive for the activities of the Meat Hygiene Service. These discussions are frustrating analyses of meat inspectors’ records of rejections of carcases and offal as suitable for human consumption, which would yield valuable evidence of husbandry and handling of live animals up to the final act of killing. Bruising is an example of significance in assessing welfare – or, more likely ill fare.

Two examples from last year illustrate the industries’ disquiet and at the same time our concern that they are not competent to administer their own policing.
  Full Story >>
SPAR withdraws own-brand flapjacks - 17/11/2006
SPAR has withdrawn three varieties of its own-brand flapjacks because they do not have correct packaging information.   Full Story >>
Aldi recalls seafood sticks - 17/11/2006
Aldi has recalled all batches of Northern Catch Seafood sticks 250g due to possible microbiological contamination.   Full Story >>
Sainsbury’s withdraws multi-pack crisps - 17/11/2006
Sainsbury’s has withdrawn certain batches of its own brand multi-pack crisps due to incorrect labelling information.   Full Story >>
Talking Turkey for Christmas - 17/11/2006
"A global revulsion at eating flesh of all kinds" would see a future when "we would all become vegetarians" predicts Dr Daniel Pauly, director of the Fisheries Centre at the University of British Columbia.   Full Story >>
Down on Nativity Farm - 15/11/2006
Christmas Nativity Plays must confuse pupils and teachers in many of our schools. Revision is needed in the educational and scientific manner the Food Standards Agency is bringing to school customs. We suggest a scenario and script.   Full Story >>
Recall Notice: Nature’s Finest ShhWeeties Toffee Popcorn - 14/11/2006
Nature’s Finest Foods has withdrawn ShhWeeties Toffee Popcorn packs because they do not have the correct ingredients or allergy information on the label.   Full Story >>
Recalls and Warnings Ensue upon Flawed Checks for BSE in British beef. - 13/11/2006
Thousands of cuts of beef are being removed from Coop and Asda stores after a serious breach of safety measures.   Full Story >>
Product recal - Milky’s halloum cheese and yoghurt products - 13/11/2006
Milky’s has withdrawn its own-brand Halloum Cheese packs and Natural Yoghurt pots because they were manufactured in unapproved premises.   Full Story >>
Products recalled after OTM cow enters food chain without being tested for BSE - 13/11/2006
Dunbia Northern Ireland is recalling a number of meat products after finding that an Over Thirty Month old cow has entered the food chain without being tested for BSE.   Full Story >>
New! Youth Page on VEGA Website - 08/11/2006
Links to games, facts, fun and help on environmental and animal info for children and teenagers.
  Full Story >>
Recall Notice - Waitrose Chicken Breast Chunks - 06/11/2006
Waitrose has recalled a batch of Frozen Chicken Breast Chunks 300g due to a packing error resulting in incorrect labelling information.   Full Story >>
Recall Notice - Waitrose Cottage Cheese - 06/11/2006
Waitrose has recalled a batch of its own-brand Natural Cottage Cheese because it could contain small pieces of rubber.   Full Story >>
Product Recall - NISA-Today Sausage and Pork Luncheon Meat Packs - 06/11/2006
Nisa-Today has withdrawn batches of its own brand Heritage Garlic Sausage and Heritage Pork Luncheon Meat packs, because of a labelling error resulting in incorrect allergen information.   Full Story >>
Product Recall - Heinz Chicken and Mushroom Toast Toppers - 06/11/2006
H J Heinz Co. Ltd has recalled a batch of its Chicken and Mushroom Toast Toppers because of a packaging error, which means the ingredients and allergy information are incorrect.   Full Story >>
Recall Notice - Nairn’s Organic Herb Oatcakes - 06/11/2006
Simmers of Edinburgh has recalled certain batches of Nairn’s Organic Herb Oatcakes because they could have been contaminated with glass.   Full Story >>
Recall Notice - Asda's Simply Porridge - 02/11/2006
Asda has recalled all batches of its own-brand 500g packs of ‘Simply Porridge’ because some may contain nuts, making it unsafe to eat for people with a nut allergy.   Full Story >>
Midland Meat Firm Fined over Packaging Waste Irresponsibility - 01/11/2006
Incorrect recycling of waste packaging has landed Shire Foods of Warwick with a fine and costs totalling of £3000.   Full Story >>
VEGA makes a stand for end-of-life breeder birds - 01/11/2006
In August 2006 VEGA commented on a DEFRA consultation on proposed amendment to the Welfare of Animals (Slaughter or Killing) Regulations. In response to this consultation several stakeholders (including VEGA) wanted end-of-life breeder birds to be brought within the scope of the amendment, resulting in a follow up consultation.
  Full Story >>
Garlic and speciality bread products recalled - 27/10/2006
New Primebake Ltd has recalled some batches of garlic and speciality bread products, sold in major supermarkets, because they could be contaminated with metal.   Full Story >>
U-Turn Forced on Food Standards Agency over Antibiotic Residues and in Milk - 24/10/2006
Brussels is planning an urgent health safety investigation into Britain’s entire milk and cheese production. It will entail random checks at farms and dairies.   Full Story >>
More for the Dairy-free Range - 24/10/2006
Two full-page ads in one issue of the Guardian Weekend Magazine betoken vigor in innovation and competition in the alternative dairy milks and in a market bidding fair to challenge the "cowboy" trade effectively.   Full Story >>
Mothers' Union Renew the Ten Commandments with a Green Theme and a Veggie Beat - 18/10/2006
The Mothers’ Union is issuing a new version of the Ten Commandments. The MU is a powerful Christian pressure group of 3.6 million members within the worldwide Anglican Communion. It has issued its new style of self-disciplines in a drive to help the world’s poor and to fight against climate change.   Full Story >>
Flawed Standards and Break Points in Foodservice - 17/10/2006
Sedgemoor District Council has successfully prosecuted Brake Brothers Foodservice Ltd following an accident at their Highbridge-based warehouse in Somerset...
• • •
Trading Standards Officers (TSOs) brought a prosecution on the basis of discoveries made during a routine investigation at a Morrisons store in Cumbria...   Full Story >>
Soiled Association with Standards - 17/10/2006
The Soil Association (SA) is riven with difficulties and divisions over its difficulties in attaining its standards without ignominious excuses for derogations. The Association’s acceptance of fish-farming among acceptable “organic” practices has sullied its reputation, which has prompted comment from the Meat Trades Journal (13 October 2006).
  Full Story >>
Lifting the Veil on Halal Meat - 17/10/2006
Yielding to a petition to review its position on supplies to about 50 schools customers, Fred Capewell, managing director of Class Catering in Bromsgrove, reported that a number of parents and headteachers had been enquiring about the origins and methods of slaughter of meat sold to schools.   Full Story >>
Live Pigs Pitched into Scalding Tanks - 17/10/2006
Management at Dalehead Foods in Linton has admitted an incident in which 2 live pigs were put into scalding water at a meat-processing plant in Cambridgeshire. They have sacked the worker responsible and explained that “pigs had been put into the water tank without being properly slaughtered on 2 occasions” (Meat Trades Journal, 13 October 2006).   Full Story >>
Recall Notice - Taste the Difference Traditional Beef Joint - 16/10/2006
Sainsbury’s Supermarkets Ltd. has withdrawn its own brand ‘Taste the Difference Traditional Beef Joint’, due to the wrong use-by date inadvertently being applied.   Full Story >>
Alert for contamination of Kingsmill loaves - 16/10/2006
There is an ongoing food incident at Allied Bakeries in Kent. Allied Bakeries, in Orpington, have reported to the police three incidents of what appeares to be malicious tampering – contaminating loaves of its Kingsmill bread.   Full Story >>
Recall notice: Sainsbury's tortilla chips - 13/10/2006
Sainsbury's has recalled packs of its own-brand ‘Taste The Difference Lightly Salted Tortilla Chips’ due to incorrect allergen labelling information.   Full Story >>
Recall notice: Sainsbury's own-brand Fruit & Nut Muesli - 13/10/2006
Sainsbury’s has is withdrawing of a batch of their own brand ‘Fruit & Nut Muesli’ 1.5kg bags, due to the presence of moths within the product.
  Full Story >>
The EU and Food Standards Agency Clash Over Contaminated British Dairy Products - 11/10/2006
"Serious food safety questions" are challenging Britain's £5.6 billion dairy industry: on 6 October 2006, reports were received that European food officials had discovered cheese contaminated with antibiotics, dyes, and detergents.   Full Story >>
Product recall - Quaker Oats batch withdrawn - 06/10/2006
Quaker Oats has withdrawn 1kg cartons of 'Quaker Oats with free measuring cup' due to the presence of moth pupae and larvae.   Full Story >>
Water Warning - Bottled Zam Zam Water - 03/10/2006
The Food Standards Agency is advising consumers not to drink bottled water on sale that is labelled as Zam Zam water, as it may contain high levels of arsenic.   Full Story >>
The Chillingham Herd – the Wild Cattle of Britain - 27/09/2006
The Chillingham herd are white cattle, most likely remnants of Britain’s wild cattle. They reside in Northumberland in the Chillingham Park, which has been enclosed since 1270AD. A report on the Chillingham herd has now been added to our website.   Full Story >>
Do Intolerant Aversions count as Allergies - 27/09/2006
VEGA comments on an FSA consultation. Packaging bears numerous warnings of possible contaminations of traces of allergens in foods sufficient to deter purchasers with certain aversions. Multipurpose factories and production lines cannot be decontaminated rigorously enough to prevent batch to batch transmission of potential allergens.   Full Story >>
Recall of Waitrose own brand ready meals - 25/09/2006
Waitrose has recalled two of its own-brand Oriental ready meals, after a packaging error led to them having incorrect allergen labelling information.   Full Story >>
Product recall - Morrisons smoked salmon - 25/09/2006
The Food Standards Agency is advising people not to eat certain batches of Morrisons Scottish Hot Smoked Salmon.   Full Story >>
Fare Deals in Uni Meals. Communal Catering for All Tastes - 20/09/2006
University catering calls for much attention, responsibility, and enterprise as school meals. The start of a new academic year and of a new intake of school-leavers add to the significance of the connexion.
  Full Story >>
Product Recall - Lidl Baked Beans with Pork Sausages - 20/09/2006
The Food Standards Agency is warning people to avoid a certain batch of Sunnyglade canned Baked Beans with Pork Sausages in tomato sauce.   Full Story >>
Vegetarian e-book - 11/09/2006
A new e-book called "How to Successfully Become a Vegetarian", is available to download for free from Veggie 123.   Full Story >>
Food warning - Mussels with high toxin levels - 11/09/2006
The Food Standards Agency is today warning people not to eat mussels that may contain potentially harmful levels of toxins.   Full Story >>
Recall Notice - Walkers Salt and Vinegar Squares - 04/09/2006
Walkers withdraws batches of Salt and Vinegar Squares due to incorrect labelling information   Full Story >>
Peter Singer on BBC R4, 6th September 8.05pm - 04/09/2006
The first of the BBC R4 series will run from 8.02 to 8.45pm on Wednesday 6th September (repeated on Saturday 9th September at 10.15pm).   Full Story >>
Welfare in Slaughter or Killing - 30/08/2006
VEGA comments on a DEFRA consultation due today on the Welfare of Animals (Slaughter or Killing) to permit the use of gas outside of a slaughterhouse.   Full Story >>
Outside Activities in July - 29/08/2006
Genetics and Nutrition in the Aberdeen meeting of the Nutrition Society this year hit snags even before it started, because an article in the Guardian had pitched into the Society’s registration scheme and its administration.   Full Story >>
Science v. Ethics Issues Taxing University Life. Can Oxford Lead in Resolution? - 22/08/2006
Oxford University’s current Science v. Ethics turbulence, which may spread to disquiet in other centres of learning, and challenges in medical schools and hospitals as the new academic year starts in the next month or so...   Full Story >>
Are Beef and Milk Soul Foods? - 22/08/2006
A recent feature in the Guardian rehearsed many reservations over soya foods and derivatives. Much of it was old and questionable information and ignored the results of relevant research...   Full Story >>
Ethical Trading and False Hopes - 17/08/2006
Veggies aren't the only ethically-minded consumers overlooked in modern trends expressing the anthropocentric mens sana in corpore sano concept as the driving force in ethics rather than expression of the wider considerations of do good altruism and exercise of self restraint.   Full Story >>
Iceland withdraws Chinese meal product - 17/08/2006
Iceland Foods has withdrawn a batch of its own-brand Chinese Takeaway Chicken in Blackbean Sauce due to a packaging error.   Full Story >>
Aldi pasta sauce batches recalled - 15/08/2006
Aldi Stores has recalled its Romano Pasta Sauce and Romano Mushroom Pasta Sauce because some could contain particles of glass.   Full Story >>
Promotions in the Premier League - 11/08/2006
The market in veggie foods is undergoing changes bringing in new brands and names and restocking the freezers and chiller cabinets and freezers. Meat reducers and dairy-frees are beginning to dominate the demand and Premier Foods to meet it with a range of products from baked beans to Quorn sausages. Pages in the business press analyse the market. Now we take our turn – different mainly because we take the “slaves” view, interpreting the challenges in the broad view of animal welfare, human and non-human. None of these business pages measures the importance to the farmer and “his” animals.   Full Story >>
Recall Notice - Marks & Spencer Chicken Balti - 07/08/2006
Marks & Spencer has withdrawn Chicken Balti 350g products due to incorrect date code labelling.   Full Story >>
Meaty Matters for Carlisle and Bradford - 07/08/2006
A Carlisle slaughterhouse has been fined for failing to comply with an improvement notice served in February 2005 that required it to put in place a staff hygiene training scheme, and Halal meat could soon be on school menus in Bradford.   Full Story >>
Update on recall notice - Cadbury Schweppes chocolate products - 02/08/2006
Cadbury Schweppes plc recently recalled a range of their own brand chocolate products due to possible contamination with Salmonella, and is now restocking five of the product lines.   Full Story >>
Animals in Transport - 01/08/2006
VEGA comments on a DEFRA consultation on the welfare of animals in transport.   Full Story >>
Update on recall alert from Truuuly Scrumptious Organic Baby Food - 01/08/2006
Truuuly Scrumptious Organic Baby Food Ltd extends its recall due to possible plastic contamination.   Full Story >>
Nutattritional Labelling - 31/07/2006
Traces of the Obvious on Sun Cottage packaging.   Full Story >>
Green for Go in Wartime Agriculture - 31/07/2006
Professor John Raeburns’ death a few weeks ago removes a fascinating figure in the scope of agricultural policies during WW2 and in postwar developments...   Full Story >>
Lidl forced to withdraw Chicken breast fillet - 31/07/2006
The multiple discount retailer Lidl has been forced to withdraw from its shelves the product sold as Maitre Special Chicken breast fillet.   Full Story >>
Conferences and Meetings Report June 2006 - 26/07/2006
June was a very busy month for VEGA. We were invited to City University, to participate in a report on an EU project on the Ethics of Wheat and Bread Supplies. From then on events unfolded in June with a succession of challenging opportunities covering a range of topics.   Full Story >>
Recall notice - Truuuly Scrumptious Organic Baby Food - 24/07/2006
Truuuly Scrumptious Organic Baby Food Ltd has withdrawn certain batches of its own-brand frozen baby foods because some could contain small pieces of orange plastic.   Full Story >>
Update on the recent outbreak if salmonella - 24/07/2006
Eating particular chocolate products made by Cadbury Schweppes is the most likely cause for the recent outbreak of an unusual strain of salmonella.   Full Story >>
Whiner’s Letters*. Let Live and Live, We Say - 24/07/2006
A letter in the Sunday Times whining about vegetarians.   Full Story >>
In response to Peter Singer's letter to the Guardian (12th July) - 24/07/2006
VEGA's response to Peter Singer’s letter in the 12th July issue of the the Guardian (Meat production today is not just inhumane, it’s inefficient), as well as to Anthony Gibson’s (director of communications for the National Farmers' Union) response.   Full Story >>
Food alert - Fly agaric mushrooms - 24/07/2006
The Food Standards Agency (FSA) is advising people not to eat raw or dried fly agaric mushrooms, because there have been cases reported of severe reactions. These mushrooms may also be labelled as ibotenic acid/muscimol.   Full Story >>
Not Our Sorta Investments in a Portfolio of Premier Diets and Food - 17/07/2006
Adding Oxo to its stock in the grocery cupboard completes Premier Foods biggest acquisition to date. Premier Foods already owns Branston Pickle, Lloyd Grossman’s sauces and Fray Bentos tinned meat pies. The latest deal costing £460 million funded by a £450 million rights issue, will effectively double Premier Foods’ issued capital base, and further acquisitions are not ruled out.   Full Story >>
United Biscuits recalls batches of Go Ahead! products - 12/07/2006
United Biscuits has recalled certain batches of its Go Ahead! Crispy Fruit Slices and Yoghurt Breaks. The affected batches may contain small pieces of thin metal wire.   Full Story >>
VEGA Manifesto - 11/07/2006
A New Kinder Farming and Food
Applying the 3Rs – Reduction, Refinement, and Replacement in the Development of Standards Aiming at a Cruelty-Free and Wholesome Food Supply. Britain is Fumbling the Possibilities of Salutary Food from Salubrious Farming. Finland Scores; Britain Misses Goals; National Plan Needed
  Full Story >>
Marca Pina Soy Sauce contaminated - 11/07/2006
Batches of Marca Pina Soy Sauce have been found to be contaminated with excess levels of chloropropanols.   Full Story >>
The Nutrition Society in a Stew - 10/07/2006
The Nutrition Society’s AGM and annual conference, sponsored by respectable academic and research organizations and the Food Standards Agency, but also by a commercial sector and other sponsors, among which were Cadbury Schweppes.   Full Story >>
Update on Cadbury chocolate recall notice - 04/07/2006
An update of the salmonella contamination that led to Cadbury Schweppes’ recall of seven own-brand chocolate products.   Full Story >>
Natural Habitats and Offshore Marine Regulations - 03/07/2006
VEGA responds to two consultations shortly available as closed consultations on DEFRA's webpage.   Full Story >>
Nutritional Labelling Consultation - 03/07/2006
VEGA comments on an FSA Consultation on nutritional labelling.   Full Story >>
Consultation on Organic Farming - 03/07/2006
VEGA responds to a DEFRA consultation on the future structure of the Organic Conversion Information Service (OCIS) in England.   Full Story >>
Tapping the Eurobarometer: Set Fair for Welfare? - 28/06/2006
A Eurobarometer survey on consumer attitudes to farm animal welfare prompts an examination of demands for the products of sustained suffering on an enormous scale unworthy of human wit and intelligence.   Full Story >>
Cadbury recalls seven chocolate products - 26/06/2006
Cadbury Schweppes has recalled seven own-brand products due to possible salmonella contamination.   Full Story >>
The RSPCA Veggie-states. Members’ Crucial Cruelty-free Vote - 26/06/2006
Food and beverages served at future RSPCA AGMs will be strictly vegetarian (i.e. vegan). A proposal to this effect was passed on 24 June 2005 at the AGM of the Society in London by 72 votes for, 12 against, and 7 abstentions.   Full Story >>
Recall Notice: Flora Original Spread 1kg - 23/06/2006
Unilever UK has recalled packs of Flora Original Spread 1kg, due to the presence of an undesirable flavour in the product.   Full Story >>
Recall Notice: Jelly Mishapes - 19/06/2006
Special Offer Supplies (SOS) Derby has recalled batches of Jelly Mishapes since they might contain small pieces of wood.   Full Story >>
Sainsbury’s recalls own-brand canned tuna - 16/06/2006
Sainsbury’s Supermarkets has recalled one date code of its own-brand canned Tuna Steak in Spring Water and canned Tuna Steak in Brine, due to a suspected can defect.   Full Story >>
Thomas Tunnock wafers withdrawn - 16/06/2006
Thomas Tunnock has recalled certain batches of its own brand four and eight carton Snowballs, and four pack Caramel Log Wafers, because of a packaging error.   Full Story >>
Omega seeds recalled due to Salmonella contamination - 15/06/2006
Julian Graves Ltd has recalled certain batches of its own brand Omega Seed Mix 500g, due to the presence of Salmonella.   Full Story >>
Hot News! Warm Hearts! Cool Heads! - 13/06/2006
Reforming RSPCA Members Table Another Tasty Dish at their AGM.
“Due to the cruelty surrounding the slaughter of all animals for the food industry, this meeting requires that food which has involved any mental or physical distress to an animal should not be served at future Royal Society for the Protection of Cruelty to Animals General Meetings”.   Full Story >>
Pigeons in the Park. The Effluvia of Culling - 12/06/2006
“This is unlikely to make any significant contribution to the protection of humans against avian influenza”, stated Juan Lebroth, the Food and Agriculture Organization’s (FAO) senior officer for infectious animal diseases, responding to the news that authorities in Vietnam were not only culling domestic poultry in Ho Chi Minh City, but attempting to cull the wild bird population as well, pigeons especially.   Full Story >>
Recall Notice - Pluma UK pâté - 12/06/2006
Pluma UK Ltd has recalled a batch of La Rochelle brand Duck Orange & Cream Pâté 150g and Farmhouse Style Pâté 150g, because they have been labelled wrongly, not including the correct allergy warning for milk, mustard and wheat/gluten.   Full Story >>
All in a Month's Work - 09/06/2006
Review of VEGA's involvement in conferences and meetings over the past Month.   Full Story >>
An Unholy Sacrifice: Ritual Be Damned! - 09/06/2006
The Farm Animal Welfare Council (FAWC), a Government-appointed agency, has done just what it’s required to do in one respect – that is, to advise the Government – but it has recently repeated recommendations, on the basis of new evidence, that the Government has rejected in short order: it is a return by the FAWC to a ban at first advocated about 15 years ago on practices of ritual (or religious) killing of animals for sales or distribution of the meat.   Full Story >>
Scotland: Kerrs Bakery Recall Notice - 02/06/2006
Kerrs Bakery recalls a batch of Crispie Cakes due to possible metal contamination, Scotland only.   Full Story >>
British Bakeries' Recall Notice - 01/06/2006
British Bakeries has recalled one batch of Scottish Plain Batch Bread 800g loaves, under two brand names, Mother’s Pride and Tesco, due to possible contamination with metal fragments.   Full Story >>
Food Standards Agency Board meets in Bristol - 31/05/2006
The next FSA Board meeting takes place in Bristol on 15 June 2006. Members of the public can attend in person, or watch a webcast / podcast.
  Full Story >>
Kellog's product alert - 30/05/2006
A potential taint affecting certain batches of Kellogg’s Corn Flakes 750g packs.
  Full Story >>
Foods recalled due to contamination with aflatoxins - 18/05/2006
The Food Standards Agency is advising people not to eat certain foods made with rice flour that has been found to be contaminated with aflatoxin B1 over the legal limit.   Full Story >>
A New Kinder Farming and Food - 18/05/2006
Applying the 3Rs – Reduction, Refinement, and Replacement in the Development of Standards Aiming at a Cruelty-Free and Wholesome Food Supply.   Full Story >>
Recall Notice - Allied Bakers roll products - 15/05/2006
Allied Bakeries has recalled batches of several roll products due to possible metal contamination.   Full Story >>
The Serious Food Company recalls two of its own brand chilled desserts - 02/05/2006
The Serious Food Company Ltd has recalled its own brand chilled Tiramisu dessert 125g and chilled Champagne and Raspberry Trifle 160g due to the possible presence of fragments of glass.   Full Story >>
Bad advice about breast-feeding - Letter to the Independent - 02/05/2006
Acknowledgement is due of the stoical Mother Cow as the mechanically-sucked wet nurse to whom we humans young and old turn and to the calf whose fill at the udder and maternal nurturing we deny, not least in decisions on breast-feeding.   Full Story >>
Possible bird flu in Norfolk chickens - 27/04/2006
The Food Standards Agency today issued an update on bird flu. Avian flu virus is possibly present in samples of chickens found dead on a Norfolk poultry farm.   Full Story >>
FSA issues cooked kebab alert - 24/04/2006
The Food Standards Agency has issued a Food Alert about an emerging incident involving distribution of cooked kebab meat from an unapproved plant.   Full Story >>
An Off Flavour for the EC Register: Acetamide - 24/04/2006
Following a negative safety assessment by the Joint FAO/WHO Expert Committee on Food Additives (JECFA), the FSA has considered that it is inappropriate for acteamide to be used as a flavoring agent.   Full Story >>
'Diet and Public Health, Why we are not doomed': public lecture, 3 May 2006 - 24/04/2006
Food Standards Agency Chair, Deirdre Hutton, will be giving a public lecture entitled, 'Diet and Public Health : Why we are not doomed' in Cardiff on 3 May 2006. She will discuss some approaches to improving diet, to make healthy eating easier.   Full Story >>
M&S recalls bean and spinach salad - 21/04/2006
Marks & Spencer has recalled all batches of its own brand 3 Bean & Spinach Salad with Chive Dressing, 130g, due to incorrect labelling information. The Agency has issued a Food Alert for Information.   Full Story >>
Michael Bateman, 1932 to 2006. A Real Bread Winner. - 19/04/2006
Michael died a month before Easter after a 2-year decline as a result of an accident on crossing a road. He had been The Independent on Sunday’s Reviews Editor for over a decade and on Easter Sunday the paper published a special appreciation. Several obituaries had appeared a week or two before.   Full Story >>
Shall we blame Bush for insurgence in the branches? - 18/04/2006
Eco-rage overtook Mrs Doreen Hallsworth of Carlisle, who knocked over a row of cardboard cut-outs in her branch of Abbey National. She was expressing her objection to the Abbey’s new marketing symbol: a grey squirrel.   Full Story >>
Warning: possible risk from eating bitter apricot kernels - 13/04/2006
The Food Standards Agency is warning consumers of possible risks from excess consumption of bitter apricot kernels.   Full Story >>
Shot Gun Poultry Politics. Egging on an End to Fowl Play - 10/04/2006
FAWN, the Farm Animal Welfare Network (which incorporates Chicken’s Lib) “fights cruelty” in a well-informed and practical way, especially as it enlists timely participation and activity in the ploys inspired by its messages.   Full Story >>
Bloody, but Uncowed - 05/04/2006
An expert’s advice confuses the mother of her “strictly vegetarian” son who has developed eczema.   Full Story >>
Knowing Our Dietary Onions. We’re Green, but not Behind the Ears. - 27/03/2006
How to Treat Your Doctor when you’re ill was the title of an article a VEGAn wrote many years ago for a veggie newspaper. It sought a reduction of the misunderstandings and stress that took their toll in the consultation: the veggie shamed by resource to orthodox medicine when that “good” diet, “nature cure”, aversion to injections, vaccinations, and drugs (and the connotations of objectionable experiments on animals), failed and the doctor innocent of – or, probably, impatient with these quirks and delays in the succession of the ailing population awaiting their few moments in the surgery.   Full Story >>
Product Recall Notice - Farley's Infant Formula - 17/03/2006
Due to the discovery of cow's milk in Farley’s Soya Formula in 900g cans, Farley’s (owned by Heinz) has withdrawn from sale one single batch, with the best before date of 1 February 2008 and the batch number 607D.   Full Story >>
Seven Seas Product Recall Notice - 16/03/2006
High levels of cancer-causing dioxins have been found in thousands of packs of Seven Seas cod liver oil and other supplements.   Full Story >>
TB or not TB? Bewildered, Bothered, and Badgered - 13/03/2006
We enter into a consultation with DEFRA on the singular difficulties in Great Britain with diseased badgers mingling with herds of cattle. A foxed DEFRA is toying with another culling solution. And then there’s bird flu looking. There are kinder ways of coexistence in the countryside (and towns).
  Full Story >>
Seafoods, Contaminants, Nutrients, and Environment - 08/03/2006
As an “interested party” we engage in continuing consultations with the Food Standards Agency and review the particular significance of sea vegetables in cuisines attaining valuable freedoms from animal-derived foods and associated cruelty.
  Full Story >>
Doing Right by Other Animals - 08/03/2006
A leader in the Times opining on the deplorable strife and violence at Oxford University on the treatment of animals and the attitudes and example set by the science establishment prompts the following criticism sent in reply to the paper. Shortly after submission of our response one of the scientists heavily embroiled in the issues at Oxford declared support for experiments and tests involving sacrificial animals in research on cosmetics (now banned in the UK). Continued vigilance and campaigning are needed to maintain the cruelty-free earnests in clothing and toiletries and to further the thrust into worthy and practicable endeavor for food, health, and therapy.
  Full Story >>
Springing into the Countryside in London’s Zone 4 - 06/03/2006
The Selborne Society’s Newsletter and other details make a good read in this lewd and naughty world of suburbia. The enterprise, talents, and voluntary work are described and illustrated in the spring issue, which we are pleased to reproduce. It is an example of community care of remnants of Britain’s countryside in northwest London, within sight form trains on the Central Line.

Reserves such as this, as well as parks (on one of which it abuts) and gardens and allotments, are becoming more and more habitats for flora and fauna dispossessed by modern farming practices. Suburban populations of foxes illustrate this diaspora.   Full Story >>
Green Planning and New Vegetarianism: V-less, maybe; but Vital and Vibrant - 22/02/2006
“Vegetarian foods invariably position themselves as niche products, failing to exploit the change in sentiment towards alternative protein sources” states The Grocer (18 February 2006) focusing on the Better-for-you (“Healthy living is as hip as ever”) sector of the food market.   Full Story >>
Warning. Kallo Socrispy Baked Salt and Vinegar Flavour Soy Bites 28g - 14/02/2006
PRODUCT RECALL NOTICE. Dairyfree product might contain dairy ingredients. Labelled best Before End Jul 06.   Full Story >>
Developments in the Food and Catering Industries - 09/02/2006
We appraise an example from 2 items, for which about an hour was allowed, at an Open Board Meeting of the FSA, held in the morning of Thursday, 9th February, 2006 in London.   Full Story >>
Quality of Life. The Heart of the Matter. - 06/02/2006
An international conference at the Royal Society, London, from 13th to 15th September 2006, organized by the Universities' Federation for Animal Welfare (UFAW) and the British Veterinary Association (BVA). An abstract follows of VEGA's contribution to the program.   Full Story >>
Movements of Dairy Cows and Calves Likely to Resume - 31/01/2006
Unless Defra can be persuaded otherwise the ending of the Over Thirty Month Scheme and arrangements being made with the EU, the traffic in cast cows for slaughter abroad and of frail calves for rearing on in units in mainland Europe will resume. Among all these evil aspects of the dairy/beef/veal trade, which enjoys subsidies and grants under the CAP, main land Britain may become a landbridge between farms in Ireland and objectionable units in France and the Low Countries. Consumers, customers, citizens, followers of the Animal Welfare Bill – take care! Cows’ milk is for baby calves, not even for grown up cattle, still less for human sucklings of any age. Boycott it! Our testimony to DEFRA follows.
  Full Story >>
Warning. Cauldron Organic Original Tofu - 30/01/2006
Food Standards Agency Public Meeting - 9 Feb - 20/01/2006
VEGA urges other organisations and the public to question the FSA on food and health issues. FSA's board meeting is on the 9 February and will also be shown online.   Full Story >>
The EU is seeking your views on halting biodiversity loss - 19/01/2006
Consultation on Halting the Loss of Biodiversity by 2010 – and beyond, due 6th February 2006. The EU seeks your views (as an individual or an organization) on what needs to be done if the EU '...is to deliver on its commitments to halt the loss of biodiversity in the EU by 2010 and to contribute towards significantly reducing the rate of biodiversity loss worldwide by 2010.' This consultation is now closed!   Full Story >>
EU study on Consumer Attitudes to Animal Welfare - 13/01/2006
Nearly 25,000 people answered an EU questionnarie. The results were rather positive for farmed animal protection.   Full Story >>
A Press Guide to a Dietox and GI Weekend - 10/01/2006
And a Tribute in Memory of Tony Banks, MP, vegetarian, animal welfarist, and wit, whose death was announced a few days ago. We vote for Banks for memories and inspiration in the welfare of all animals (human and non-human).
  Full Story >>
The Milk of Human Unkindness - 06/01/2006
Vega reacts to a letter in the Times.   Full Story >>
Food Smiles for Schools - 06/01/2006
A critical and irreverent eye is cast over the foodies’ intentions for school meals that may establish consumers’ tastes, choices, and health for life. Caterers and manufacturers must show much greater enterprise in exploiting possibilities well beyond cheesy off-loads from the dairy and meat industries. Scenarios for educational alternatives for the School Nativity play are mooted.   Full Story >>
Litter and Waste-Blight or Resource? - 05/01/2006
Welcome to government earnests in coping with the challenges of "disposables", dumping, littering and of turning words into keywords for recycling, reuse, and amenity-and exercise of kindly citizenship   Full Story >>
Trafficking in Livestock - 05/01/2006
BSE Consultation on lifting the expert ban and harmonizing specific risk material controls applicable in the UK with those in other member states.   Full Story >>
Badgers, Battery Cows, and Remedies - 19/12/2005
A debate in the Independent, 19th December (letters and article) need deeper deliberation on the issues of modern milk production. VEGA's letter to the Independent as well as the Times.   Full Story >>
European Commission Opinion Poll on the Welfare and Protection of Farmed Animals - 14/12/2005
Please take time to fill in this EU questionnaire regarding the welfare of farmed animals in Europe. The opinion poll ends on the 20th December and the questionnaire only takes a few minutes.   Full Story >>
FSA's statement on the Hertfordshire fire - 13/12/2005
Based on the current information, there appear to be no immediate concerns from the Hertfordshire fire with regard to food.   Full Story >>
New Year Revolutions - 29/11/2005
Let Veggies flinch. Let cowards sneer. We’ll set the cows free here. Raise the green standards high at the supermarket chiller! Today’s commercial battery-cows, 10% of whom are now zero-grazed (permanently indoors), average annual yields of about 7,500 litres (i.e. 7.5 tonnes; they’ll each weigh about 0.5 tonne). Every day our local supermarket sells from the chiller soya milks equivalent to the average daily output of one, going on for two, of these average cows. One in 3 will be mastitic (as assessed by what may be called the pus-count) and 1 in 5 chronicly lame. Time now for every animal welfarist to renounce and denounce the sickening dairy/beef/veal industry and all its works. We enlist the FSA and manufacturers and retailers in redoubled efforts in raising Standards for the Milk of Human Kindness.
  Full Story >>
Chinese and Cruelty Free - 24/11/2005
Receipt of a mini cook book sent as a gift from China on the traditional Chinese Cuisine adds to a collection of nutritionally and medically recommended diets to a portfolio with significance in tasty and practicable expressions of healthy living. It offers traditional Chinese Wisdom in idiomatic American English.   Full Story >>
Improving Standards of Cheesy Labelling - 18/11/2005
We seek the FSA's help in overhauling labelling claims and authentication of alternatives intended for the dairy-free consumers. We aim to avert serious nutritional incompetence and misunderstandings. We refuse to be cowed.   Full Story >>
Bugging the Bird. Fowls in the Campylobacter Goals. - 03/11/2005
We challenge the Food Standards Agency (FSA) to assert itself over microbiological standards with the vigor that the Central Public Health Laboratory (CPHL) exhibited when the terrorists belonged mainly to the salmonella gangs.
  Full Story >>
Species in Danger. What About that Ruddy Duck? - 01/11/2005
Those ducks’ fortunes look even insecure and endangered if their kind are found to be silent carriers of avian flu and thus victims of massacres on a foot-and-mouth disease scale. If only more viruses were endangered and more consistency of regard and care were exhibited to all other animals, great and small, in “our” world!   Full Story >>
Salting Out Britain's Diet - 24/10/2005
We add comments based on better experience with an Assalt course of many year ago to assist the Food Standards Agency's proposals to return to campaign to reduce intakes of dietary salts.   Full Story >>
School Meals Eat and Smile, Veggie Style - 18/10/2005
We respond to an invitation to a written consultation with the Food Standards Agency (FSA). We urge development of a multi-purpose dietary that could spare caterers’ difficulties at communal functions, not only in schools, and provide wholesome and tasty meals for people with various grades of veggie practice and other special needs and sensitivities (e.g. allergies, intolerances, and aversions entailed in Jewish, Muslim, and Friday RC observances); and the general public to whom going veggie would be no odder than, say, going Indian. Lots of opportunities here for an enterprising FSA.   Full Story >>
Eat and Smile Veggie Style - 14/10/2005
The Food Standards Agency, prompted mainly by the food and drinks industry, seeks to categorize sectors in the now diverse and spreading market. From a niche into a rut and now back into a dendritic mesh of more niches; or an enterprising, stimulating, and innovative injection into a costive food industry. We talk standards, science, and consumerism with the FSA, from which the veggie-style needs more appreciation.   Full Story >>
Does the Food Standards Agency Cut the Mustard? Know its Onions? - 10/10/2005
As the FSA tackles the reeling Food and Drinks Industry with gusto is it still bogged down with the poor standards in manufacturing practices and the whole food chain from farm to fork? Are NGOs and campaigning animal welfarists and environmentalists strutting their stuff in open debate and in the barrage of consultations initiated by the offices of the FSA and DEFRA? From our experience we lament lost opportunities in presenting well-researched presentations.   Full Story >>
A Battery of Ever Ready Respite for the Oven Ready - 03/10/2005
DEFRA's proposals for an EU Council Directive on the welfare of chickens kept for meat production come up for consultation and scrutiny. The analysis of problems is good, but evidence of arousing desistance and resistance in the shop and consequent action and example by government purchasers, animal welfarists, ordinary customers, and foodies is wanting. It is still time for a kindly presidential expression and leadership in Europe.   Full Story >>
Channelling Imported Foodstuffs Through Heathrow - 03/10/2005
Movements of goods and live non-human animals through ports engage the services of local and national inspectors. The Food Standards Agency consults on improvements in integration and tighter control. Our observations follow.   Full Story >>
Kidstuff. Crunching the Dietary Numbers. - 30/09/2005
The Food Industry and FSA must do better. Nutrient profiling is the subject of a proposed model that the Food Standards Agency has developed to support work “to further regulate the advertising and promotion to children of foods that are high in fat, saturated fat, salt, and sugar”. It oversimplifies the challenge (ignoring special groups such as veggies and others with particular aversions) and is a poor spatchcocked version of a scheme involving parents, teachers, and the children in the full resources of labelling and easily available information technology. And emphasis on school meals is overshadowing the significance of breakfasts, lunchboxes, and audits of the nutritional waste from well-meant meals that are spurned and possible spared from dumping in land fill by directing into recovery programs or the compost bin. VEGA involved in an FSA consultation.   Full Story >>
Interested in getting involved with VEGA? - 21/09/2005
VEGA is looking for a trustee. This would be a great opportunity for someone interested in the work we do to get involved, and to gain more knowledge about the charity and about the subjects we campaign for.   Full Story >>
VEGA attends FSA open board meeting on 15 September 2005. - 19/09/2005
View webcast. The Food Standards Agency held an open board meeting in London on Thursday 15 September 2005. It was attended by 75 stakeholders and members of the public, including VEGA. It was also viewed on live webcast by more than 300 people. You can now view the webcast on the FSA website. For VEGA's comments click Audio, Analogue or Broadband and scroll down to Q & A in right hand column.   Full Story >>
Succour for Cow and Calf - 14/09/2005
“The category that strikes fear into the hearts of dairy farmers everywhere – dairy-free… the niche sector that may well be watched nervously” are words introducing an editorial supplement (called Dairymen) to the Grocer (10 September 2005). A senior market analyst reckons that the soya alternatives “are growing faster than the real thing”, for which many innovations and hefty, subsidized advertising are failing to restore the ailing cowboy industry. VEGA takes an opportunity to illuminate Guardian readers and to spur all animal welfarists to boycott joyfully the output of the dairy/beef/veal industry.
  Full Story >>
Dark Clouds over Mushrooms Production and Provenance - 26/08/2005
Veggies, organics, free rangers, environmentalists, and animal welfarists - keen compost-makers all - connive at some bad practices when they buy commercial mushrooms for the table or poultry manure for their gardens. Revisions of DEFRA's stipulations for animal and vegetable wastes as substrated for mushroom-growers must be amplified with information and labelling for benighted customers faced with choices cultivated like the fungi in the dark.   Full Story >>
Science and Tomorrow’s Breakfast Plate Tectonics - 26/08/2005
The Food Standards Agency (FSA) gives its Science Strategy an airing. VEGA engages in the consultations with comments based on its 1976 Green Plan for farming, food, health, and the land (and the seas), to the benefit of all animals (human and non-human). Let Kindness displace Callousness! Standards, please, not just Safe, sterilized gut fill.   Full Story >>
Badgers, Cows, TB - Do They Share Feedstuffs? - 25/08/2005
Our Contribution in Consultations with the Food Standards Agency (FSA) on the Regulations on the Hygiene and Enforcment on feedstuffs. Infected and contaminated feeds can spread and exchange pathogens widely. Wildlife and farmyard commensals aren't toilet trained. Like food, feed must be valued and stored in clean, salubrious conditions in the industry that exploits them.   Full Story >>
MHS - M for Meat and now Milk Hygiene Service - 23/08/2005
VEGA comments on the Food Standards Agency's proposals for inspections of dairying practices. Inspectors are advised on means of rapid escape enraged animals of any of the species on the farm, on two legs or four.   Full Story >>
How to Treat your Doctor when You are ill. - 23/08/2005
A question received this month prompts what must be one of a series of answers (see Vega News Item)   Full Story >>
Special Deeds for Special Needs - 22/08/2005
Avoidable and needless denials must not restrict discriminating customers from choices in foods, supplements, and pet foods and feedstuff that manufacturers fail to anticipate and accomodate. VEGA expounds on the subject to the Food Standards Agency and Codex Alimentarius.   Full Story >>
FSA BSE meeting - 17/08/2005
The Food Standards Agency (FSA) held an Open Board Meeting in London on Monday 15 August. The meeting was attended by 80 stakeholders and members of the public (including VEGA), and viewed on live webcast by over 250 people.   Full Story >>
BSE, foot-and-mouth..... Avian Flu Next? - 11/08/2005
These are zoonoses, but only one - FMD - excludes people from its pathogenic circle. But they can and could all - with some other global scourges - enter the UK, lodge in reservoirs mutating into insidiously augmented powers of mischief and resistance. More massacres of suspect livestock could ensue. We join in consultation with DEFRA on precautions and landing the expences on producers and vendors and their customers - rather than squandering them as yet more subsidies to the live/deadstock industry and its evil workings.   Full Story >>
Overseeing the Good From the Trees - 11/08/2005
Timber and derived products are harvests and resources colonization of areas of socioeconomic instability, lawlessness, and neglect or damage to wildlife, habitats, and the environment. We enter into a consultation with DEFRA on Euro-plans to monitor, police, and accept imports from the world's forests.
  Full Story >>
Introductions and Augmented Donations for Charities - 08/08/2005
Needs must…..We share experiences of benefit to all registered charities and of special assistance to potential donors with ethical, green, cruelty free and environmentally-friendly intentions.   Full Story >>
Revising Food Law Legislation With Education - 05/08/2005
Overhaul of the Food Safety Act 1990 is not just a legalistic formality. We rehearse some general statements in a consultation invited by the Food Standards Agency. Citizens/customers/consumers need the spice of more education (and not just indoctrination) to flavour the legislative meal.   Full Story >>
Ventilating Draft Regulations For The Meat Industry - 05/08/2005
We air some of the views that animals and the environment would like to make on the Standards in the FSA's anthrocentric draft regulations, albeit otherwise informatively presented for the meat industry. We play, Doolittle-style, the roles of moover and clucker. And not forgetting the fish...   Full Story >>
'Supermarket Secrets', 2 part TV Programme on Channel 4 - 25/07/2005
Thursday 28th July 2005, 9pm and Monday 1st August, 8pm.   Full Story >>
Tracing, Tracing, Tracing.. Bovine, Ovine.. What next? - 18/07/2005
Sheep and goats are now being implicated in the consequences of BSE, new CJD, and foot-and-mouth disease. "Ethnic cleansing" of ovine genotypes susceptible to insidious transmissible encephalopathies is being carried out. Extermination of the whole British flock of over 15 million sheep is being entertained as an awful possibility if sheep and goats become innocent carriers or reservoirs of new plagues, some of them "jumping" speceis. VEGA comments on a DEFRA consultation, available on DEFRA's closed consultations after the 25th July 2005.   Full Story >>
An Unequal Food Industry Nimiety Satiety Deficiency... - 18/07/2005
Too much here, too little there and worshipping at the altar of cheap food and of outputs dominated by quantity rather than the standards of quality and distribution. We plead with government and industry for an enterprise in Salutary Food Supply from Salubrious Farming in a consultation on draft Food Industry Sustainability.   Full Story >>
Standards, Decision, and Determination - 11/07/2005
Is the Food Standards Agency well advised? Do its stakeholders and consultees perform useful functions, especially to the consumer, in the standards for Salutory Food from Salubrious Farming? As vigorous participants ourselves in these functions we provide observations in the interests of animals of all species (including humans), wildlife, and the environment.   Full Story >>
E for Additives, P for Pesticides - 29/06/2005
Should pesticides be toxed? Let us spray - on the vicarage lawn, railways, roadsides, and hedge bottoms? And what about residues and when the pest is a little furry animal? We engage in consultation with DEFRA.   Full Story >>
Conference on Healthy Foods in Belgium - 24/06/2005
This conference has been brought to our attention. Healthy Foods European Summit, 19-20th October 2005 in Brussels, Belgium   Full Story >>
Gut Feeling, Soul Foods and Animadversions - 20/06/2005
"It doesn't agree with me" complain consumers with allergies, intolerances and aversions to a range of foods and to their own cherished dislikes. EU regulators and our own FSA out their brains to work on labelling curtailments that seem to relieve manufacturers and retailers of responsibilities and fail to assist discriminating customers making their individual well-informed choices of food that they can like and enjoy. Not all is-yet-in the genes.   Full Story >>
Precautions in Principle. Ready, Willing, and Able - 15/06/2005
Rising to the challenge of a DEFRA consultation and assessing the latest round of scares, we tackle the continual backlash from the ravaged and heavily-poulated "natural" world and the eruption of disaster, catastrophes, and scares.   Full Story >>
The Horse Deserves Better Than This - 31/05/2005
The hunting fraternity threatened the nation with a vast cull of horses and dogs if their activities were banned. Now, banned as they are, DEFRA in harness with the British Horse Industry Confederation comes up with a gungho draft consultation resonant with big business plans for an industry enjoying continuing success, the punters being of the domineering 2-legged ominivorous variety.   Full Story >>
The Food (Sub) Standards Agency - 31/05/2005
The Food Standards Agency is ignoring the upbeat possibilities linking salutary consumption and salubrious farming, with expressions of good taste in all senses, raising standards in a harmonious alliance for health, animal welfare, the environment and wildlife.   Full Story >>
Gangmasters. How are our fruit and veg picked? - 25/05/2005
"Mary, Mary, quite contrary. How does your garden grow?
I live in a flat, you stupid prat, so how the hell should I know?"
  Full Story >>
Food Standards Agency Board public meeting on BSE televised - 17/05/2005
Regulations on the over thirty month scheme   Full Story >>
Noise Abatement and the (not just our) Environment. - 16/05/2005
Human activities affect all animals species and their environment. We weigh in on an otherwise worthy DEFRA consultation that is anthropocentrically dominated. Non-human animals not only have to contend with the on and off noises of acts of God and of our kind. Many of them avoidable and unduly stressful. Throwing in a few fireworks and bangers we go to war on the cruelty of noise pollution.   Full Story >>
An Election of Overlooked Purviews - 11/05/2005
The Times rejected almost by return our observations on the lost opportunities for politicians to vaunt their standing in international affairs of the environment and wellbeing of all animal life (which includes us) in the global view. Opportunities for high level and authoritative participation beckon.   Full Story >>
Sweet Drinks Matter for Labelling - 10/05/2005
Consumers Beware! What of undeclared Fluoride in your foods and drink? We say you need more information on labels   Full Story >>
CBRN and HAZMAT. Devils, Details and Disaster - 06/05/2005
We go delving into decontamination after a chemical, biological, radiological, or nuclear "event". A CBRN is treated in a DEFRA consultation as "a deliberate (terrorist) event". A HAZMAT is "an accidental release of hazardous material(s)", which include "those which might be used for terrorist purposes, but also the vast arrays of other substances used in industrial, agricultural, and household processes". We include aftermaths of scourges and pestilences and contaminations resulting from wars and when the earth and waters move by Acts of God.   Full Story >>
Organic Dodgy Dogma - 29/04/2005

We Recommend all Animal Welfarists to ask their Parliamentary Candidates what they and Their Household eat   Full Story >>
Questions for the Parliamentary Candidates - 29/04/2005
No Porkies. The Quantity of Mercy is under Strain   Full Story >>
Doctored Veterinary Services - 26/04/2005
Cows is not a generic name for cattle: cows are slaves forced into prodigious manipulation of their maternal and procreative attributes, as victims in the intensified outputs that result in the tolls of production diseases and reproductive disorders. They deserve at least treatment and attention by professionals avowed to doing their utmost for the well-being of the animals in their care. "The kindly vet who tends his animal treats her; to the technician she is it". The difference tells. Retreat of vets into farm management and leaving intimate practices such as artificial insemination (AI) to technicians is reprehensible. Vets with wellies on and sincere in their professional vows are essential animals among the stock-in-trade on livestock farms. We plead the case in a DEFRA consultation.   Full Story >>
Fishing for Compliments in the FAWC's Net - 13/04/2005
Our plea for extension of the Farm Animal Welfare Council'sresponsibilities to include all livestock hunted and farmed for human consumption and use and inclusion on the Food Standards Agency's plate to ask election candidates, too.   Full Story >>
Control of Trade in Endangered Species(Enforcement)Regulations 2005 - 05/04/2005
DEFRA invite comments on proposals to tighten Enforcement on Control in Endangered Species to protect species and discourage the cruel illegal trade and smuggling of in live animals and dead animal parts.   Full Story >>
Veggie Might Adds Ingredients to Europe's Food Labelling Menus - 31/03/2005
We answer calls for advice on information for all canny customers/consumers/citizens   Full Story >>
It's the Dawn of AM for Wildlife in the Countryside - 30/03/2005
VEGA answers DEFRA'S Call for Consultation on an Act of 1981 and interpretations in the spirit of the CAP'S AM Chorus: After Modulation in the Cross Compliance Mode of Sheer Production   Full Story >>
Natural Environment and Rural Communities - 14/03/2005
We grapple with the government's draft bill on these topics, now up for comments from interested parties. Vega objects to any favoured position for the Meat and Livestock Commission and Milk Development Council: the highly-subsidized farming they represent has done unforgivable harm to farm animal welfare and the environment, as well as to standards of food-production.   Full Story >>
Testing, Testing, Testing………………Veterinary Residues in Food - 10/03/2005
We analyse results from last year's analysis and tests.
MAVIS(Medicines Act Veterinary Information Service) has just released the data, which exemplify the constant need for detection and traceability to set beside the problems with Sudan Red.   Full Story >>
Milk gets SEAC’s Goat - 04/03/2005
SEAC and the Food Standards Agency Unite on Warnings over Goat Milk and Meat and Derivatives.

  Full Story >>
Global Warming, Carbon, Kyoto, and Consultation - 02/03/2005
DEFRA invites Veggie Views, How many Calories of Power does it take to put a Calorie of Food from Farm to Fork?   Full Story >>
The Independent: Misinformation on Welfare and Behaviour For All Animals - 23/02/2005
We assert a bolder initiative involving all animals, humans and non-humans, that entails more lame editorials dumping diverisionary nannying on the government.   Full Story >>
What Do We Want from the FSA's Board? Action, Reaction, Education with Urgency. - 23/02/2005
We answer invitations to comment on the FSA's functions, gained from impressions at recent open meetings of its Board. The plough-to-plate and farm-to-fork integration is being neglected. Food must be interesting, pleasurable and health-friendly all the way through the chain, not just sterilized and safe gut-fill.   Full Story >>
Orders at the Borders. What Animal Products can come into the enlarging EU? - 10/02/2005
We review the challenge in importation, say, through border posts in the furthest eastern reaches of the growing EU that may go without further inspections and control inot shops in west Wales. We demand severer tests to counter smuggling, terrorism, and don't overlook husbandry and animal welfare that wouldn't pass muster in the UK.   Full Story >>
Agenda 2005 - 10/01/2005
No Misunderstanding of our Actions, continued and augmented for another busy year.   Full Story >>
There's Something in the Air - 23/12/2004
Breath testing the (questionnably fresh air). We take the opportunity to comment in consultations on some od the official testing and monitoring surveillance of emissions into the atmosphere-stinkers and insidious and indicators of avoidable pollution   Full Story >>
Smoked foods - 21/12/2004
Draft Regulations enforcing the Provisions of Regulation (EC) no 2065/2003 of the European Parliament and of the council on smoke flavourings used or intended for use in or on foods. (http://www.food.gov.uk/foodindustry/Consultations/
completed_consultations/compconsulteng/smoke)   Full Story >>
Next Best for Veggie Babies and Toddlers - 15/12/2004
We advise on the labelling and presentation of infant formulae and follow-on foods for the offspring of mothers unable to breast-feed and whose parents wish, for a variety of ethical reasons, to resort to alternatives containing no animal products or derivatives.   Full Story >>
Getting the identity right! - 13/12/2004
We recently have had several enquires regarding the publicised name of VEGA and as there is some confusion, we feel it is necessary to define who we are.   Full Story >>
Food Law (and Lore) for Vegetarians - 11/11/2004
Veggies assert that they know their onions and are green- but not behind their ears.   Full Story >>
Defining Vegetarianism for the Food Standards Agency - 05/11/2004
We continue with testimony for standards for consumers, customers, and citizens, as well as challenges for choice and enterprise among manufacturers and retailers without undue restraints, bureaucracy, and surfeits of legalistic paperwork.   Full Story >>
Where We Come From. Where We're Going - 12/10/2004
We prepare an obviously much-needed description for the Food Standards Agency and the industry. Vegetarians call for much more enterprise and less bureaucracy and employment for lawyers, a positive embrace of issues and Standards of farming, food, health, and the land. Green Planning for the well-being of all species of animal, ours included!   Full Story >>
Arousal from a French Letter - 21/09/2004
Dairy farmer’s wife reports favourable results from a trial of the soya variety.   Full Story >>
Wild Animals Act - 20/09/2004
VEGA responds to a government consultation on Proposals for improving the effectiveness of the dangerous Wild Animals Act 1976, suggesting some further factors which need addressing, including animal welfare issues   Full Story >>
Hunting for Consistency in Animal Welfare - 16/09/2004
We plead for DIY Acts and consideration with every demonstration we make at the till, unfoxed by empty assurances. We submit our view to the Times.   Full Story >>
Lifestyle, Diet, Genetics and Cancer - 05/09/2004
Volunteers are sought for a major epidemiological study on the causes, preventions and possible cures of breast cancer   Full Story >>
Freshers' Fare - 02/09/2004
Consumer Power Takes a New Turn at the Start of the Academic Year. Demonstrating at Every Meal- in a Peaceful and Effective Manner   Full Story >>
Definitions, Aversions, Labels, and Information - 01/09/2004
Developments in food technology and consumer choice call for extensions. The dairy vocabulary must be broadened beyond cowboy and lingo.   Full Story >>
Less Illfare for Turkeys and Ducks - 31/08/2004
DEFRA's draft codes of recommendations, compiled by its Animal Welfare Division, still imply the need for cruelty in commercial production and output from poultry. The turkeys are already being reared for their year's end fate in the rituals.   Full Story >>
Humanity, Reason, and Backbone in the Progress of the Animal Welfare Bill - 24/08/2004
VEGA responds to another consultation on the Government's draft Animal Welfare Bill   Full Story >>
Re: Alternative Dairy-products, Free-froms, and nutritional status - 19/08/2004
Supermarkets increase choices for Dairy-frees and Animal Welfarists. VEGA responds to Tesco's latest own-brand initiatives in alternatives to products from the dairy/beef/veal industry.   Full Story >>
Review of EU Food Labelling Legislation - 19/08/2004
VEGA answers the Food Standards Agency's invitation for consultation on information required for customers   Full Story >>
The RSPCA must commit itself to DIY dietary action - 12/08/2004
Animal welfarists look to the RSPCA to set an example at the official functions to extricate itself from complicity in cruelties its research (and others') reveals and condemn. Its campaigns to restrain recreational pursuits would gain from such a demonstration of self-discipline common to all aspects of animal welfare.   Full Story >>
Checking Out DIY for Animal Welfare and the Environment - 29/07/2004
Assert Consumer Power as Dairy-free Without being cowed into Complicity with the Milk Industry and Ruthless farming.   Full Story >>
Customary Emblemism - 12/07/2004
At the command of an anonymous Trustee of the Vegetarian Society UK its Chief Executive has had to write to VEGA in a profractorial attempt to restrict use and adornments with “our V-Symbol". The society insitgated a subsequent intervention by a Trading Standards Officer. There follows VEGA's reply to clarify the international status of the free range of the sprouting-seed emblem.   Full Story >>
Public Consultation on the Promotion of Food to Children - 23/06/2004
VEGA's comments on the Food Standards Agency's Action Plan on the promotion of food to children   Full Story >>
The Meatrix - 23/06/2004
Follow a link to see a short movie on the truth behind factory farming   Full Story >>
Fibre- Dietary and Moral - 22/06/2004
Joined-up Action Now in the Market Place for Animal Welfarists   Full Story >>
Wining and Defining - 14/06/2004
In a letter to The Guardian VEGA clarifies some of the finer points in beer, wine, fruit drinks and juices   Full Story >>
The politics of bovine tuberculosis - 07/06/2004
We rise to the call from DEFRA to answer questions on bovine TB, badgers and culling   Full Story >>
Law, Lore, Mores, Government, Slaughter, and Horse Trading - 03/06/2004
We examine hot topics on the welfare of farm animals.   Full Story >>
Veggie Might- letter to The Times 25 May 2004 - 25/05/2004
Vega puts The Times right on the vegetarian cuisine   Full Story >>
Drugs or diet? - 18/05/2004
The veggie portfolio diets need special attention now   Full Story >>
Meat matters - 10/05/2004
Rita Bloomberg, one of VEGA's campaigners, makes some comments in the Jewish Chronicle on ritual slaughter and on the relevance of vegetarianism   Full Story >>
Management of deer in England - 16/04/2004
Read VEGA's response to the DEFRA consultation   Full Story >>
A Clash of Symbols: The Veggie Seedling has been trampled to death - 08/04/2004
Controversy over the symbol for vegetarianism   Full Story >>
FSA and food labelling issues - 31/03/2004
Comments to the Codex Alimentarius Committee on Food Labelling, and on the performance of the FSA   Full Story >>
Slaughter, beheading and loss of consciousness - 31/03/2004
Our answer to the question: For how long, after beheading, is consciousness maintained? (Q & A, The Times)   Full Story >>
The vegetarian debate - 22/03/2004
Extracts from supporters letters   Full Story >>
VEGA contributes to government initiatives - 19/03/2004
Welfare, environmental and ecological consequences of introductions of non-native species   Full Story >>
DEFRA's Animal Health and Welfare Strategy - 08/03/2004
VEGA's response to the consultation   Full Story >>
Do vegetarians live longer than the rest of the population? - 05/03/2004
Read VEGA's response to the question posed in the Times   Full Story >>
Animal Experimentation - 17/02/2004
VEGA sets a challenge for scientists   Full Story >>
VEGA is looking for Trustees - 17/02/2004
Interested in helping our work?   Full Story >>
Forthcoming stockless "Farming Today" programme BBC Radio 4 - 13/02/2004
In response to the recent "Farming Today" programme ("What would happen to the countryside if everyone went vegan?), BBC Radio 4 have recorded a follow-up programme (Sunday 15 Feb 2004, 06:30am)   Full Story >>
Say M for massacre - 06/02/2004
Slaughter is not a strong enough word for the white meat industry. VEGA's indictment answers queries from the FAWC   Full Story >>
Animals, experiments, statistics... - 05/02/2004
We review the Home Office's records and assess trends and actions   Full Story >>
Interested in iodine and thyroid function? - 13/01/2004
VEGA raises some issues in a letter to The Lancet   Full Story >>
Advertising Standards Agency response to our complaints - 12/01/2004
Cruel Nesquik and Innocent ads deemed "humorous"   Full Story >>
BSE and CJD responsibilites - 12/01/2004
Our (rejected) letter to the Times   Full Story >>
Modernisation of Veterinary Surgeons Act - 17/12/2003
VEGA's response to the consultation - time to bring vets in line   Full Story >>
Relax! Go veggie this Christmas - 17/12/2003
Press Release   Full Story >>
DEFRA's Agri-Environment consultation - 10/12/2003
What about farm sanctuaries?   Full Story >>
Letter to the FSA's Head of Consumer Branch - 10/12/2003
VEGA reminds the FSA that their "S" is for Standards as well as Safety   Full Story >>
Pollution Prevention and Control Regulations - 10/12/2003
Our response to DEFRA's consultation highlights factors that are overlooked   Full Story >>
Cheesytarianism - Unnatural, Whey Out and Naff - 10/12/2003
Letter to the editor of Natural Products magazine   Full Story >>
Culling birds during disease outbreaks - 01/12/2003
Consultation on avian influenza and Newcastle disease control protocol   Full Story >>
Look out, there's a Humphrys about! - 18/11/2003
A letter to the Sunday Times in response to John Humphrys' column on dairy cows   Full Story >>
Common land consultation - 18/11/2003
Make animal welfare a common priority!   Full Story >>
DEFRA Fisheries consultation - 13/11/2003
Read our response here   Full Story >>
Risk Assessment of Mixtures of Pesticides and Similar Substances - 13/11/2003
VEGA's reponse to the FSA consultation   Full Story >>
Snares and traps - the way forward? - 13/11/2003
DEFRA consultation   Full Story >>
Winter warners. D for diet - 28/10/2003
Putting the clocks back means less sunshine and declining nutritional status of the sunshine vitamin D, not only for veggies but for the population as a whole   Full Story >>
Response to cetacean consultation - 27/10/2003
Proposal for a council regulation laying down measures concerning incidental catches of cetaceans in fisheries   Full Story >>
Vets in the spotlight - 27/10/2003
Consultation on local veterinary inspectors review   Full Story >>
Health claims consultation response - 27/10/2003
Consultation on a proposal for a regulation of the European Parliament and of the council on nutrition and health claims made on foods   Full Story >>
Animals in transport - 07/10/2003
Read our response to DEFRA's consultation on the transport of animals   Full Story >>
Food additives and enzymes - 03/10/2003
FSA consultation on proposals for new EU regulations   Full Story >>
Labelling of yellow fat spreads - 03/10/2003
In the response to an FSA consultation, VEGA challenges the milky monopoly on certain terminology   Full Story >>
Cheep, cheap food – E for environment - 03/10/2003
Sunrise Poultry Farm, a unit containing 350,000 laying hens, has been embattled with Charnwood Borough Council, in Leicestershire, over a persistent problem with flies and smells.   Full Story >>
Stockmanship and its enhancement in relation to animal welfare - 03/10/2003
VEGA's response to the FAWC consultation   Full Story >>
DEFRA consultation on tuberculin tesing of cattle - 26/09/2003
Read VEGA's opinion here   Full Story >>
Consultation - CODEX Recommendations on the Scientific Basis of Health Claims - 26/09/2003
VEGA responds with the vegetarian view   Full Story >>
Feeding student minds and student bodies - 22/09/2003
The academic year opens a keen market for caterers and retailers and for hungry consumers consigned to the mercies of budget self-catering nosh or canteen / refectory fare in college.   Full Story >>
Adding Value to Your Business - Putting Profit into your Milk Products - 15/09/2003
The 2003 Dairy Event, 17 to 18 September, Stoneleigh Park Coventry (sponsored by HSBC Bank, ASDA, Barclays, Farmers Weekly, pharmaceutical companies and others). This is really a festival for whistling in the upkeep of courage rather than of cows. VEGA offers the cows’ views of the latest developments in the industry’s wicked milky ways.   Full Story >>
Workshop on Welfare in Dairy Cattle: Do we have a problem? - 15/09/2003
School of Veterinary Science, University of Bristol. VEGA weighs in on the evidence of deplorable shortcomings in dairy farming husbandry. The cow is a victim in an offensive industry of human madness and stupidity.   Full Story >>
VEGA goes fishing for support - 05/09/2003
In our response to a recent government consultation on fisheries conservation, we question why more animal welfare and conservation organisations do not take the initiative to comment   Full Story >>
Freedom's just another word... - 26/08/2003
Assurances on welfare of dairy cows found flawed in new assessment   Full Story >>
What do you think? - 20/08/2003
Do you applaud VEGA's efforts at ensuring that consumers young and old are given objective information on the treatment of the cow and her calf? If so - or if not - please use our material to state your opinion to the Advertising Standards Authority.   Full Story >>
Innocent or Ignorant? - 20/08/2003
Stupid or sentient? Soft drink manufacturers Innocent reveal their low opinion of cows   Full Story >>
Nesquik not getting off that easily! - 20/08/2003
VEGA continue the campaign against Nesquik's cow advertisements by countering a rebuff from the Advertising Standards Authority   Full Story >>
Advertising Standards Authority allow "bash the cow" ads to continue - 15/08/2003
VEGA presses on with complaint against Nesquik's "bad news for cows" advertisements   Full Story >>
Dog breeds cruel - 08/08/2003
VEGA's response to The Independent article concerning cruelty in dog breeding   Full Story >>
Additional complaint lodged with Advertising Standards Authority - 08/08/2003
VEGA highlights the difficulty in obtaining copies of advertisments for review   Full Story >>
Are we a dog's worst enemy? - 08/08/2003
VEGA's response to Sunday Times article concerning cruelty in dog breeding   Full Story >>
VEGA lodges complaint with Advertising Standards Authority over Nesquik campaign - 08/08/2003
Awaiting response regarding poster that makes light of the suffering involved in the dairy industry. Read more here   Full Story >>
New VEGA website launched! - 25/07/2003
Our website is being enlarged and remodelled to accomodate more accessible news and improved general information.   Full Story >>
DEFRA consultation on the National Scrapie Plan - 02/07/2003
Read VEGA's response to the government Consultation paper: National Scrapie Plan – Scrapie Flocks Scheme..   Full Story >>
Definition of 'vegetarian' - 02/07/2003
VEGA's official definition of the term 'vegetarian'   Full Story >>
Government consultation on agri-environment schemes - 02/07/2003
Read VEGA's response to the government consultation on agri-environment schemes   Full Story >>
DEFRA consultation on the Animal Health and Welfare - 00/00/0000
Read VEGA's response to the government consultation on preparing a combined strategy.   Full Story >>

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